Top 3 Tips For GPS Vehicle Tracking For Rental Vehicles/Equipment Companies

This article was published on: 01/4/16 by the Robert Hall

Does your rental company use fleet tracking systems? GPS tracking is a must-have for all rental fleets, including renting cars or construction equipment. Whether you are shopping for your first system or already have one installed, here are three tips to make the most out of your tracking system.

1. Use Vehicle Tracking Systems to Track More Than Just Location

The most obvious benefit of a tracking system is the ability it gives to know where vehicles are at all times. While an invaluable benefit, this is just one of several things you can track with a system. You can also use these systems to track:

Driver behavior
• Delivery times

Most GPS rental tracking systems can be set up to include maintenance alerts. The system can automatically alert you when a vehicle is due for a tire check or oil change. Some can even be programmed to monitor the vehicle’s systems and send alerts if there is a potential problem.

Driver behavior can also be tracked using a GPS fleet tracking system. While you won’t want to monitor the behavior of rental customers, if your rental company delivers to customers, you can oversee the driving behavior and arrival times of delivery drivers, ensuring that the cars are driven safely and efficiently when they are in your care.

2. Keep Tabs on Vehicle Locations to Eliminate Theft

Rental vehicles and equipment are a prime target for thieves, but GPS rental tracking can help you monitor a location if a customer reports a vehicle stolen, or if the customer decides to steal the vehicle. You can then report the last-known whereabouts to the law enforcement professionals to get the best chance of recovering the assets. As an added bonus, insurance companies recognize this benefit and reduce the insurance fee for those fleets, including rental fleets that have GPS tracking installed.

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3. Locate and Deliver Vehicles More Quickly

If you have a yard or garage full of vehicles and equipment, finding the right one for a customer waiting by your desk will take time. GPS fleet tracking can help: You can use the system to pinpoint the location of the particular vehicle or piece of mobile equipment you need, ensuring a fast delivery of the chosen vehicle.

If you are delivering vehicles or equipment directly to the customer, you will be able to provide more accurate delivery estimates and ensure the equipment arrives on time. If delivery drivers face unexpected delays, you can use the system to route them around the problem or to alert your customer to the delay, thus improving customer service.

GPS fleet tracking is essential to any vehicle fleet — including rental fleets. If you are not already using vehicle tracking software, you are missing out on some key benefits. Contact Track Your Truck today to discuss our easy-to-use systems and choose the one that is right for your business. With over 16 years of experience, our team will help you get the right solution for your needs.