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We’re dedicated to providing you with a passive GPS tracker that’s custom to your business needs. Our partly passive GPS tracking devices allow for periodic data transfer to give you a detailed status of your vehicles. These devices offer an affordable solution for companies with trailers and equipment that operate within cellular coverage areas a majority of the time.

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Why Choose Passive Tracking?

Our passive tracking devices can help you better manage your company assets for improved security and service. Depending on the device, GPS updates can be as frequent as every two minutes when the unit is connected to power or periodic updates throughout the day using an internal battery system. Our tracking devices are entirely waterproof and securely sealed for exterior mounting. They’re also certified by major wireless carriers for constant reliability. We even provide added security by concealing antennas internally to prevent tampering.

At Track Your Truck, we’re a passive GPS vehicle tracking company that’s dedicated to finding the right solutions for you. The systems allow for customizable updates throughout the day. We offer the latest tracking technologies, low battery notifications and over-the-air programming and firmware updates to satisfy all of your specific business requirements. The data that’s collected will provide a comprehensive overview so that you know every location the vehicle went to and how long the vehicle was at each stop.

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What Makes Passive GPS Tracking Different From Active Tracking?

Passive and active GPS tracking have a variety of similarities and one key difference — the update interval. Both active and passive vehicle tracking systems require either cellular or satellite data connection. The unit transmits data from the tracking unit to our system, and you’ll receive updates through the NetTrack application.

Active tracking occurs with all vehicle trackers, or when your trailer unit is hooked up to a cab and powered from the tractor. You’ll get updates minute to minute as long as your tracking device is connected to a power source. On the other hand, passive location tracking happens with satellite devices or when your trailer is sitting in a yard somewhere and is not tethered to a truck. In this case, you’ll get reports around every few hours. Keep in mind your device is either passive or active depending on the operating characteristics mentioned above.

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Reliable and Convenient Passive Vehicle Tracking

Are you interested in learning more about our passive GPS trackers? As a trusted passive GPS vehicle tracking company, Track Your Truck can assist you in choosing the best tracking system for your needs. We’ll then send the passive tracking system to you fully tested, activated and ready to use! If you have any questions or concerns regarding your GPS tracking device, please reach out to our office to speak with a professional support specialist.

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