Dashcam With Live GPS Tracking

Dashcams with live GPS tracking put you in the driver’s seat at a moment’s notice, enabling you to monitor any vehicle you choose. Our Dash-Hawk cameras offer an array of benefits, including real-time video feed, insurance cost reduction, and significantly reduced financial risk. Live video telematics also enable fleet managers to defend against insurance fraud, reckless driving, and rising insurance premiums. Our commercial dashcam trackers currently save thousands of dollars for companies of all sizes.

Dash Hawk Series Dashcams

Our dashcams use local storage and real time video to record and store footage of your drivers. It also saves footage when an accident is detected, sending it directly to the account manager. With the complement of NetTrack, fleet management will be made much easier, with location, vehicle status, and notification of vehicle maintenance needs.

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Benefits of a Truck Dashcam and Tracker:

Incorporating our Dash-Hawk Premium Dashcams is an investment in the future. Our cameras have a proven record, with many users seeing an ROI in just one year. You can expect insurance discounts, safer vehicle operation, lower costs, and peace of mind stemming from 24/7 live monitoring capability upon installation. When paired with our NetTrack GPS tracking, you will also have access to an easy-to-use fleet telematics software, enabling you to fully monitor each vehicle’s location, status, and maintenance needs.
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Dash Hawk SW Dash Cam
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What Risks are Most Prevalent for Commercial Fleet Vehicles?

  • Insurance fraud/ staged accidents
  • Lack of witnesses or distraught drivers
  • False and/or exaggerated claims
  • Conflicting reports of actual events
  • Poor driving habits or behaviors
  • Expensive and/or increasing insurance premiums

Studies Show that Private Car Drivers are:

  • At fault in over 81% of commercial truck crashes
  • The encroaching vehicle in 91% of head-on crashes
  • Responsible for 91% of opposite direction side-swipes
  • Responsible for 71% of rear end collisions

Dashcams with Trackers Statistically:

  • Reduce claim disputes from 40% to 20%
  • Reduce claim costs by 17%
  • Reduce claim frequency by 27%
  • Reduce Insurance risk profile by 39%

*Saving you thousands of dollars in claims and premiums.*

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How do Our Dash-Hawk SW Dashcams Help Prevent these Issues?

Our dashcams with live GPS tracking instantly send video footage to the account manager when a collision is detected. They have saved thousands of dollars in claims and insurance premiums by providing indisputable proof of fault. Thus, the account manager will have the ability to make early liability decisions, leading to faster claims resolution and lower cost.

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Choose Proven, Premium Track Your Truck Fleet Dashcams

Track Your Truck has partnered with SmartWitness to bring you Premium Dashcams with live video capability, proven cost reduction, and a dedicated support team to help you make the most of our product. There’s no need to constantly worry about false claims, rising insurance, and irresponsible driving. Contact our team to learn how you can save with our Dash-Hawk SW series dashcams with real time GPS trackers.

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