GPS Tracking for Delivery and Service Vehicles

We know how much careful planning and management goes into running a successful service, delivery or transport business. The challenge is tracking your delivery trucks and employees when they’re all making deliveries to separate locations. How do you ensure that your team members are prioritizing efficiency, staying on schedule and taking the best route?

GPS fleet tracking for service vehicles is the solution that will help you address all these challenges and more. Track Your Truck solutions are tested for compliance and quality by top carrier networks. Whether you need a way to help drivers avoid traffic delays or you want to better manage idle time, our tracking software can help.

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Benefits of Tracking Transport With GPS Trackers

With delivery vehicle GPS tracking software, you can monitor your employees’ location and

  • More efficient routing: Develop faster routes for your employees by using the features of Track Your Truck software. Service and delivery companies are often on tight schedules, which means any time saved is a major asset. Tracking software will allow you to help drivers elude traffic delays, send the closest vehicle to a pick-up location on demand and more.
  • Driver behavior management: Using a GPS tracker for delivery vehicles, you’ll have access to detailed information about driver behavior. Are your employees practicing safe driving habits? Are they wasting energy by leaving company vehicles idle for too long or using them outside work hours? These are questions you can answer — and with the information you receive, you’ll be able to reduce the occurrence of late arrivals and maximize fuel efficiency.
  • Improved communication with customers: Having the trust of your customers is the most important part of running a transport business. Ensure effective communication by keeping customers aware of arrival times and updating them when delays occur. More accurate arrival time estimates and better transparency will improve your company’s customer service. In turn, improved customer service will unlock the path to further business growth!
  • Reduced costs: Our tracking solutions are affordable and will help you save energy, prevent theft and stay ahead of schedule. All of these advantages will protect your budget while increasing your range of customers and clients. Saving money will enable you to put more time and effort into other endeavors that will support your business rather than worrying about the productivity and security of your vehicles.

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Benefits of GPS Tracking for Delivery Trucks

Real-Time Tracking

With real-time tracking capabilities, GPS delivery service from Track Your Truck gives you the tools to respond instantly, updating customers about arrival delays, routing drivers around traffic concerns, and dispatching the closest vehicle, when possible, to the proper location.

Whether you are managing a fleet of delivery vehicles or a team of drivers in service vehicles, your customers have the same desire. They want to know when the driver will arrive at their location and they want to trust that the driver’s arrival will be on time. Using the right vehicle tracking system, you can provide that exact service.

Tracking and Reporting Capabilities

Track Your Truck’s GPS delivery truck tracker systems provide tracking and reporting capabilities that work well for both service and delivery vehicles, helping you provide gold standard customer service — while lowering costs. Outstanding customer service translates into more business and an improved bottom line.

When you know the “where” and “when” of your vehicles’ locations, you can better manage your services and employees for improved and efficient business operations. Track your vehicles efficiently and effectively using the right delivery GPS systems from Track Your Truck.

Our GPS Tracking Solution for Service and Delivery Vehicles

Our GPS tracking systems are easy to install and use, so you can start tracking right away without having to disrupt your workflow. Pave the way for business growth today with faster services, lower operational costs and improved customer relationships.

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Get GPS Fleet Tracking for your Delivery Vehicles

GPS tracking for delivery drivers is the solution for all your mobile asset security and efficiency needs. Contact us to request a quote or a demo of one of our systems.

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