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Live Vehicle-Tracking Devices

Live vehicle tracking systems will put you in direct control of vehicles. They offer an array of benefits from viewing vehicle progress in real time to increasing overall productivity. Live GPS fleet tracking devices will enable you to gain a full understanding and stay on top of your fleet's daily operations, helping you to reduce costs, stay ahead of vehicle maintenance and enhance the overall efficiency of operations.

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live gps tracking device plug-in for commercial vehicles
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Premium GPS Plug-In Vehicle Tracker

Plug & Play Series Tracking Device

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Track your truck live tracking device
Premium GPS Vehicle Tracker

Hardwired Series Tracking Device

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Free Device - $19.99 / month*

Coyote Series Tracking Device

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Each real-time GPS tracking vehicle device comes with NetTrack, Track Your Truck’s easy-to-use monitoring and reporting software.
NetTrack and these live vehicle tracking devices improve fleet management by collecting all detailed vehicle reports into one web-based interface with simple mapping tools.

How Does Live GPS Vehicle Tracking Work?

Real-time tracking uses a GPS tracking device to send updates in ten second to two minute intervals to a fleet manager or dispatcher and lets them know the location of a vehicle.

When you receive these updates, available on all of our real-time GPS fleet tracking systems, you'll get an accurate sense of the day-to-day progress of your business. The live updates will provide you with detailed reports on your vehicles, employees and inventory at all times to help you meet your business needs.

Benefits of GPS Tracking in Real-Time

The benefits of implementing a live GPS fleet tracking system are undeniable. After implementation, you can expect safer vehicles, cost savings and constant support from our staff to ensure that your business runs more efficiently.

  • Monitor your fleet in real time
  • Know what your vehicles are doing 24/7
  • Deliver more value to your customers
  • Manage your fleet efficiently

Immediate Monitoring and Observation

If you manage any type of company, you need a truck tracking system to reap the benefits of having 24-hour updates and data about the progress of your business. Live tracking software offers vehicle travel information on an immediate basis to online software and devices to ensure the customers receive products in a timely manner.

With the help of live GPS fleet tracking devices, a dispatcher will be available to monitor vehicles on the ground, spot traffic jams and observe how the weather may affect arrival times and progress. Track Your Trucks real-time tracking devices will provide you with long-lasting reliability for many years, while other devices on the market may last only one or two. Our tracking systems will provide you with immediate data and long-lasting reliability to ensure the efficiency of your business operations.

Driving Behavior

Tracking company vehicles will keep drivers accountable, safe and more efficient. We provide the option to discreetly place your real-time tracking device so that you receive a candid picture of how drivers behave on the road on company time. With a constantly updating collection of data, you'll be able to gauge drivers' performances, ensuring the elimination of aggressive driving that wastes gas and money. These devices will keep drivers honest and more efficient to get the job done in a timely manner.

Time of Arrival

Many businesses struggle with communication between managers, drivers and customers. With the constant updates from our live GPS fleet tracking devices, you can open the lines of communication that will help you better understand and explain arrival times and promote overall efficiency. These tracking systems will keep customers informed of potential delays before the arrival time.

Choose Track Your Truck for Realtime Tracking

Our dedicated and helpful team at Track Your Truck offers advanced GPS tracking systems with a range of customization options to meet your business' needs. We're always available to answer questions and provide support related to our products. Want to start using a live GPS tracking system? Contact our team today for more information!

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