Concrete Truck Tracking GPS Device

Concrete companies know how important it is to take extra care when transporting equipment or expensive products. GPS tracking for concrete trucks is designed to help your employees stay safer on the road while cutting costs and maximizing efficiency.

Track Your Truck tracking devices allow you to monitor factors like location, accelerating, stopping, turning, braking and more. By preventing potential damage, stolen assets, unauthorized driver behavior and traffic delays, you can improve the company’s bottom line and optimize daily productivity. If you want to enhance your business and protect valuable assets, turn to Track Your Truck for fleet tracking software today.

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How Can Fleet Tracking Improve Your Concrete Business?

Concrete truck tracking is perfect for small and medium-sized companies that need better security and efficiency solutions. Our software and devices are easy to use and only take a short time to install. You can implement them without having to adjust to a major learning curve. We send these tools activated and ready to use — all you need to do is place the tracking devices and install the software on your computer or mobile phone.

With fleet tracking for concrete trucks, you can:

Reduce Fuel Costs

Excessive speeding and idle times can contribute to fuel waste, which cuts into your budget. Use 24/7 monitoring to catch these behaviors and correct them so you can save money and invest in more strategic business ventures.

Reach Job Sites Faster

Planning out routes is a breeze with GPS tracking. Plus, knowing your vehicles’ locations allows you to guarantee the timely arrival of employees at project sites. Our software to track cement trucks even allows you to route and schedule using charts and graphs so you can develop the most efficient solution.

Manage Multiple Vehicles

You may have multiple vehicles out on the road at one time. GPS cement tracking lets you see all your trucks on one map. You can even monitor several job sites at one time without hassle or inconvenience.

Recover Missing Assets

If one of your vehicles is stolen or goes missing, fleet tracking can help. Our real-time tracking solutions provide updates as often as every few minutes while a vehicle is on the move. With reliable location data, you’ll have a much better chance of recovering the asset with the help of law enforcement.

Enhance Customer Service

Clients rely on you to provide fast, reliable services. Meet and exceed their expectations by monitoring arrival times as your vehicles make their way to job sites.

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Cta Map Image

Track Your Truck for Concrete Mixer Truck Tracking

Our tracking software’s mapsalerts and reports provide the tools and awareness you need to improve your concrete business.

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