How GPS Vehicle Tracking Works FAQs

Here are the answers to some common questions about GPS fleet tracking. If you can’t find the answer to your question, please send an email to support@trackyourtruck.com. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

What is involved in tracking a vehicle?

Useful, informative vehicle tracking requires vehicle tracking software and a vehicle tracking unit mounted in the vehicle, typically under the dash or seat and out of reach of the driver. Track Your Truck offers both. Our NetTrack application is a Web-based software platform that is accessible from any Internet-connected computer or smartphone. Our real-time vehicle tracking units come in two types: cellular GPS and satellite GPS.

What is the difference between cellular GPS and satellite GPS? Which is best?

Both the cellular and satellite GPS models behave in similar fashion — that is, they both provide GPS information to NetTrack. However, the cost to send GPS messages over cellular is less than that of satellite. Of course, the cellular devices cannot send data where there is no cellular data coverage. Our philosophy is to look at your coverage area and if you have cellular data coverage from one of our major partner networks (Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile), then we recommend the Premium Series Vehicle Trackers. If you do not have the proper cellular coverage, then the alternative is the Satellite Equipment Trackers.

What happens if I have a cellular system and my vehicle drives out of cellular coverage?

The units have built-in logic to sense if cellular coverage is not available. During its time out of coverage, it stores each GPS message and Key On/Off event. Once the unit comes back into cellular coverage, all the information is sent to NetTrack.

Can I use both Premium Series Vehicle Trackers and Satellite Equipment Trackers together?

The answer is “absolutely.” Our NetTrack application allows you to seamlessly use the Premium Series Vehicle Trackers and the Satellite Equipment Trackers on the same system. There is no need to have separate accounts or views. Track Your Truck integrates everything for you and there is no additional cost for this feature.

Can I utilize a system with a mix of device types?

Yes. You can mix any and all of our solutions with our NetTrack software. In fact, you really can’t tell which truck has which unit; the integration is seamless and easy.

Do I need a professional installer?

It depends. If you use our premium plug-in tracker, then you will not need an installer. If you have a person with basic vehicle electrical knowledge, then you should be able to install the units. We have designed our devices with ease of installation in mind and we also provide an installation guide. Each unit must be connected to an ignition source, a constant power source (vehicle battery) and chassis ground. TYT provides all needed cabling and fuse kits. If you do need a professional installer, TYT has a list of installers around the country that you can contract with directly. You should expect to pay between $75 and $150 depending on your geographic location. You should try to negotiate with the installer; you can usually get a better price if you bring the vehicles to the installer or if you can give the installer access to all your vehicles at once (such as during weekends, nights or after hours).

How long after I place my order will it ship?

Track Your Truck has streamlined the order and activation process by stocking all necessary items. In most cases, we can activate and ship your order within 24 hours. After you complete the order form, TYT activates, tests and packages your units for shipment. In fact, when you receive your tracking units, they will already have reported GPS information to your NetTrack account. All these steps ensure that your new tracking system is ready to be implemented the moment it arrives at your doorstep.

What if I have multiple locations/offices?

TYT Premium Series Vehicle Trackers are offered on multiple cellular carriers in order to provide you excellent coverage no matter where your offices are located. Remember, using multiple models is seamless and easy. Also, the Satellite Equipment Trackers will report anywhere in North America as it does not rely on cellular towers but rather on a communication satellite.

Do I need to buy any software or pay software maintenance fees?

Track Your Truck’s NetTrack Vehicle Tracking Services software is provided to all TYT users free of charge. Each customer is provided with a secure login and password. Also, Track Your Truck continually improves and adds features to NetTrack to enhance your vehicle tracking ability and experience.

What type of Internet connection do I need?

Any high-speed connection that you would use today is sufficient. This includes DSL, cable, satellite, etc.