How GPS Vehicle Tracking Works FAQs

The FAQs page provides answers to common questions about GPS fleet tracking. If you have a question that cannot be answered below, please email for a swift reply.

What is involved in tracking a vehicle?

Tracking a vehicle involves two components; vehicle tracking software and the GPS tracking unit. The GPS device is typically installed and mounted under the dash so it is out of sight and reach. To access vehicle location and data, the software is accessible online through the Track Your Truck website or via smartphone using the TYT app (NetTrack Mobile).

What is the difference between cellular GPS and satellite GPS? Which is best?

GPS tracking models are more cost efficient, but cannot send messages when there is poor cell signal. Satellite units are able to combat this problem, but are more costly. If there is good cell coverage in your area, GPS devices are recommended.

What happens if I have a cellular device and my vehicle loses cellular coverage?

If your vehicle drives outside of coverage, it will store each GPS message and ignition event. Once the vehicle drives back into coverage, the information will be sent with accurate time stamps.

Can I use multiple types of devices in one account?

You can use any combination of devices to best suit the needs of your fleet. Dashcams, Premium GPS, Satellite, Plug-in, or Equipment trackers can be mixed and match on a vehicle-by-vehicle basis to best fit the type of service and tracking you need.

Can I install these devices on my own?

Our OBD Plug-in and Satellite devices are simple to install and can be done by anyone. Our wired devices, however, require someone with vehicle wiring experience. If there is an in-house mechanic at your company who is able to find the ignition, constant power (12V), and a metal ground, then they are capable of installing these devices. Otherwise, a third-party installer is recommended.

How long will it take to ship my order?

In most cases, your order will be packed and shipped within 24 hours. Your devices are activated and tested before they are sent so they are ready to track as soon as they arrive.

What if I have multiple locations or offices?

Your devices can be used in the same account for different locations. You can create a truck class to separate your vehicles by location if you would like, along with giving certain users access to view only certain vehicles. If a new account needs to be created to completely separate vehicles due to operational differences, this can be done as well.

Do I need to pay an additional fee for software?

Software, including both the website and mobile app, are included in the cost of your monthly service. All maintenance and support regarding software issues is handled free of charge by our team.

How fast does my internet need to be?

Any high-speed internet should be fast enough to load the Track Your Truck webpage and mobile app. When loading videos from a dashcam, however, better internet will result in faster loading speeds.

What cost-effective Dashcam option is best for me?

We have 4 different dashcams, each with their own features. Our CP2 and AP1 cameras are the most cost-effective options, with CP2 having an optional driver-facing add-on camera and having a hardwired installation format. Our AP1 is forward facing only but is easy to install via OBD port plug-in.

I need multiple angles of view from my dashcam, which is right for me?

If you need multiple camera angles to cover the front, rear, sides, and/or driver, the CP4 camera is right for you. The CP4 allows you to install up to 4 different cameras that are connected by a single hub. Those who need to cover all sides of a vehicle would benefit from the features of this product.