Coyote RT Premium Vehicle Tracker

In today’s competitive market, live vehicle tracking is critical in maintaining driver safety and customer satisfaction. Track Your Truck’s premium GPS hardwired vehicle tracker is the ultimate real-time tracking device for commercial and industrial fleets. This hardwired GPS tracker comes with a variety of benefits to help you enhance your business’s fleet management strategies.

Equipped with easy-to-use features and the latest technologies, this tracker can keep your drivers safe and help you maintain top productivity standards. We’ll give you the tools you need to monitor vehicle status and cut back on fuel costs with our affordable devices and software.

Who purchases the Coyote RT?

  • Companies that require a covert installation for tamper protection
  • Users that want the very best in premium GPS tracking features
  • Customers that typically perform their own vehicle maintenance

Coyote RT Premium Features

  • Live Tracking with Ignition, Idle, and Turn Reporting
  • Real-time Speed Limit Reporting
  • Simple 3-wire installation by the customer or with Installer Network (extra cost)
  • Internal 3-hour Backup battery with Illegal Move Alerting
  • Internal GPS recorder when out of cellular coverage—downloads automatically when coverage available
  • Includes premium Vehicle Maintenance Tool

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Product Features

  • Tracks real-time vehicle location, speed and heading 24/7
  • Simple 3-wire installation
  • Certified by Wireless Carriers to ensure reliability.
  • Internal antennas and battery backup in case of driver tampering or theft

Service Details

  • Multiple GPS update options
  • Reliable store and forward
  • 2,000 buffered messages
  • Latest Tracking Technologies
  • Over-the-air programming and firmware updates

Hardwired Tracker Specs

The Track Your Truck plug-in tracker is a 50-channel GPS that offers location monitoring within 2 meters of accuracy. This device supports multiple data types, including SMS, CDMA, GPRS (UDP), 1xRTT and HSPA packet data. Other notable specifications include:

Weight1.8 Ounces (51 G)
Operating Temperatures-30 To +75 Degrees Celsius
Storage Temperatures-40 To +85 Degrees Celsius
Operational Voltage6-32 Vdc
Power Consumption< 20mA @ 12Vdc Sleep
Tracking Sensitivity-162 Dbm
Acquisition Sensitivity-147 Dbm
Federal Communications Commission (FCC), PCS Type Certification Review Board (PTCRB) IC And CE Certification.

You can request more information on this tracker’s specifications by reaching out to the experts at Track Your Truck.

How To Install a Hardwired GPS Tracking Device

Our devices are ready to go as soon as we ship them to you. Installing a hardwired GPS tracking device is easy — all it takes is a few minutes to get it up and running so you can start monitoring your fleet. With just a few simple steps, you can get a vehicle GPS tracker hardwired into a car and start receiving real-time updates on your mobile device or computer.

  • Mount the device: The best place to mount the tracker unit is in an area hidden from the driver’s view but yet easily accessed by a mechanic or installer. This ensures a hassle-free experience and makes the tracker accessible to technical support if needed. You can either mount the tracker with 3M VHB tape or zip tie straps.
  • Connect the device to a power source: When you’re ready to power the device, you’ll have access to a black wire, red wire and white wire. First, you need to connect the black wire to a ground point. Then, you can connect the red wire to a 12-volt power supply. The white wire connects to a 12-volt switched ignition source.
  • Verify installation: To verify installation, you can visit our NetTrack Installer Check. Be sure to park the vehicle outside with a clear view of the sky before starting the test. The Installer Check will prompt you to turn on the vehicle, let it run for a few minutes and then turn it off again before starting the test. Follow the instructions, and enjoy the benefits of your tracker once you’re finished.