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industry and what it means for your company.

What Engine Idling Means for Your Fuel Efficiency

Fleet managers and companies often overlook engine idling, but it can account for thousands of dollars in unneeded costs for businesses that operate fleets of vehicles. Idling eats up gas, and as a result, raises costs. The larger your fleet, the more...

The Biggest Mistakes Fleet Managers Make

If you’re a fleet manager, you probably have a huge weight on your shoulders. There are many variables to consider, and the performance of every driver reflects on your business. While expertise in the field is something that comes with time...

Ways to Stay Alert While Driving

Managing a fleet is a big responsibility. The safety of your drivers and the general public hinges on a variety of factors, including communication, vehicle performance and, of course, driver behavior.

Many of us have been known to do it before...

What Is the Difference Between GPS and Telematics?

If you’re familiar with modern technology, you may already be familiar with GPS and its usefulness for vehicles and mobile devices. Meanwhile, a less well-known term that’s starting to pick up traction in fleet companies is “telematic...

Bluetooth and the Internet of Things

Computers and smartphones are no longer the only items that can connect to the internet. As wireless networks became more prevalent and the cost of computer chips continued to shrink, the variety and number of interconnected devices increased. All of t...

Stolen Vehicle Recovery and GPS Tracking Systems

Your vehicles are some of your company’s most valuable assets. Ideally, these are reliable machines that allow your employees to carry tools, equipment or other passengers from place to place. They’re also expensive to replace, which is why...

Why Monitor Hard Braking or Acceleration?

Fleet tracking has become a great asset to companies around the world. As technology develops, mobile businesses are finding new ways to increase efficiency, enhance perfo...

Lower Insurance Costs With GPS Fleet Tracking

Insurance is essential for companies with mobile employees. While insurance can be a big expense, you still need coverage to protect your business and your workers in the case of an accident or claim. The good news is you can often lower insurance cost...

How GPS Tracking Saves You Time

If there’s anything that being in a high-demand business teaches you, it’s that time is money. We know you’re constantly working to make your strategies more agile and more effective so you can keep your business moving. 



Dozens of industries trust field employees every day to make deliveries, service customers at their homes or businesses, or work across multiple job sites — sometimes all of the above. Vehicle tracking is the way to keep these remote employe...

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