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Find out what’s happening in the fleet tracking
industry and what it means for your company.

Moving Your Tracking From 3G to 4G LTE

With many cellular providers rolling out 5G networks across the nation, 3G networks are quickly becoming obsolete. Many cellular providers are planning to retire their 3G networks soon, leading many trucking companies to switch to 4G Long Term Evolutio...

Are My Employees Speeding?

One challenge that many trucking and service delivery businesses face is employee monitoring. How do you know whether your drivers are practicing safe and efficient habits? Could they be violating the rules of the road without your knowledge?


Improve Your Fleet Safety

Maintaining the safety of your fleet is a crucial part of operating a successful service or delivery business. Reckless driving by your employees can hurt your business’s reputation, cause major financial losses and pose risks to other drivers on...

What GPS Tracking Device Is Right for Your Fleet?

To get the most out of your company's fleet, you need data about how your drivers and vehicles perform. With the right GPS tracking devices installed in your vehicles and trailers, you can gain key insights about your fleet's performance and use this i...

Automate Maintenance Through GPS Tracking

Did you know that with GPS tracking solutions, you can automate fleet maintenance and create a safer, more convenient job experience for drivers? Automation has taken over the competitive market, helping workers tackle both simple and complex jobs with...

A fleet truck driving down a green tree surrounded road

Looking for ways to go greener in your business? Your fleet is a great place to start, but don’t assume that creating a greener fleet is beyond your budget. While switching to all electric or hybrid vehicles may not be feasible for every company, there...

How Your Employees Benefit From GPS Tracking

GPS fleet tracking software does more than streamline operations for the manager or business owner. In fact, it helps increase productivity for all your employees, including fleet drivers, by creating more seamless communication and reducing manual lab...


Summer is coming, and with it will come hot weather and new hazards for your trucks and your drivers. While you won’t deal with icy roads and salt trucks, you may be dealing with overheating vehicles. 

Engines produce plenty of heat on their own...


Data is a necessity if you want to optimize your fleet performance, but you may be wondering what types of information are worth paying attention to. We're going to look at six metrics that are essential for tracking fleet performance. These metrics ca...


Success isn't accidental. The most successful people have a process for getting things done effectively, sticking to a schedule and staying under budget. The same goes for fleet management. Optimizing your processes means you'll need to leverage your t...

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