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Vehicle Tracking: What You Need To Know

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Do you need GPS vehicle tracking for your company? If you are operating a fleet of two or more vehicles, wish to improve the efficiency and safety of those vehicles, and have a passion to reach your customers more effectively and efficiently, then the answer is yes. GPS fleet vehicle tracking helps companies keep tabs on their vehicles and their drivers, so they can better maximize these assets to reach their customers and clients effectively. It also helps reduce fuel waste, improve maintenance practices and make customer service more positive.


When it comes to GPS tracking systems, you have a number of choices available to you, but only one offers the comprehensive features combined with affordability that you will find with Track Your Truck. Our products stand out for a number of reasons, including:

Smart Tracking Technology

Do you want more accurate tracking of your vehicle’s activity? With Track Your Truck’s Smart Tracking Technology, every time your vehicle makes a turn, your unit will send a fresh update which will give you more detailed reports and a clearer picture of your vehicle’s route.

Track your truck fleet software displayed on a computer, two phones, and a tablet

Easy-to-use web Desktop and Mobile Apps

We provide you and your business simple and efficient ways to track your fleet with our NetTrack vehicle tracking software. With our mobile app, this means you can take it anywhere you go!
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Proprietary System

NetTrack vehicle tracking is unique to Track Your Truck. We've worked hard to ensure our system has everything you need, while eliminating those features smaller fleets don't need, in order to control costs.
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Certified Devices

Don't take our word for the integrity of our system…all of our devices are certified by independent labs and come activated, tested and ready to use.
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Wireless Carrier Certified

GPS fleet tracking is only helpful when it works, and Track Your Truck only offers carrier-certified devices to ensure full function and superior quality.


Gold star for 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed

30-Day Satisfaction guarantee*

We fully expect that you will be more than satisfied with our tracking system, but if it’s not a good fit, we will gladly refund your money. We also offer full warranties on all of our devices.
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U.S. Support

Support is available via phone and ticketing services, all answered by our U.S.-based, trained support professionals. There’s also “how-to” videos to help you use our tracking service to its fullest.
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Flexible Service Agreements

Fleet tracking is not a one-size-fits-all product, and we offer flexible plans to fit your needs. Beware of those companies offering "evergreen" contracts (auto-renew), as fleet tracking technology and the needs of your business are ever changing. What you need today may not fit your needs in the future.
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Constant improvements

We are dedicated to maintaining our system with frequent enhancements and software updates. We strive to provide the most relevant services and features, such as Google Maps.

How to Track a Vehicle With GPS?

Track Your Truck vehicle tracking solutions combine sophisticated GPS tracking technology with flexible, advanced mapping and reporting software. A GPS-enabled vehicle tracking device is installed on each vehicle to collect and transmit tracking data via a cellular or satellite network, whichever works best for your operations.

The device then delivers the data to Track Your Truck's application, NetTrack, which you can access through the web at any time. You receive real-time vehicle tracking updates, including location, direction, speed, idle time, start/stop and more — allowing you to manage a tighter schedule and a more efficient fleet.

Benefits of GPS Vehicle Tracking

Customized GPS Vehicle Tracking Solutions

Whether you manage a fleet of school buses, delivery and pickup vehicles, or even marine vessels, we can provide a tracking solution customized to meet your specific needs. The process is simple: Just give us a call, and we help you determine the best system for your business. You receive your devices fully tested and activated, complete with the NetTrack vehicle tracking application that brings all the data into one easy-to-use program to track your vehicles.

Call Track Your Truck today and find a simple fleet management solution that can improve your business.

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