Plug-In Vehicle Tracker

At Track Your Truck, we offer the latest commercial vehicle tracking solutions for competitive prices. Whether you manage a service fleet or delivery company, our premium GPS plug-in vehicle tracker could be just the solution your business needs. This device is compact and easy to install, which allows you to begin tracking your fleet in minutes.

The plug-in vehicle GPS tracker also offers an excellent way to cut costs and maximize safety while your drivers work in separate locations. With a broad range of features and service benefits, you can monitor multiple vehicles at a time from almost anywhere.


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Product Features

  • Tracks real-time vehicle location, speed and heading 24/7
  • No wiring required — powered by simple plug-in to OBDII port
  • Certified by Wireless Carriers to ensure reliability.
  • Internal antennas and battery backup in case of driver tampering or theft

Service Details

  • Multiple GPS update options
  • Reliable store and forward
  • 2,000 buffered messages
  • Latest Tracking Technologies
  • Over-the-air programming and firmware updates

Plug-and-Track Device Specs

The Track Your Truck plug-in tracker is a 50-channel GPS that offers location monitoring within 2 meters of accuracy. This device supports multiple data types, including SMS, CDMA, GPRS (UDP), 1xRTT and HSPA packet data. Other notable specifications include:

Federal Communications Commission (FCC), PCS Type Certification Review Board (PTCRB) IC And CE Certification.


How to Install a Plug-In GPS Tracker

One of the main benefits of working with Track Your Truck is that we strive to make the installation and tracking processes as simple and intuitive as possible. Why spend weeks or months adjusting to new technology when you can start using our tracker right away without a steep learning curve? Our premium GPS plug-in vehicle trackers are already setup upon delivery. All you need to do is install them and start tracking.

You can get these plug-in vehicle tracking devices up and running in just a few steps:

  • Install the Velcro tie strap and tracking device: The first step in the process is to find the vehicle’s OBD-II connector and set up the Velcro tie strap in the gap above it. From there, you can plug in the tracking unit and secure it in place. This will help it stay safe during travel.
  • Install the extension cable: We offer an optional extension cable, which gives you more flexibility where you place the tracker unit. Plug the extension cable into the port and tracker if you’d rather position the device in another spot, such as behind the dashboard.
  • Prepare the vehicle to track: As long as your vehicle is in an open space with a clear view of the sky, the device will start tracking when you turn the vehicle on. Make sure to allow up to five minutes after initial installation for the device to register the first time.
  • Verify installation: Next, you can use our NetTracker Installer Check to verify your device’s installation. Record the serial number and Vehicle Identification Number, and then follow the instructions from the Installer Check. After this, you can start monitoring your vehicle.