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Equipment Tracking

To obtain a better understanding of GPS equipment tracking, one of the first questions many of our customers ask is, “How is heavy equipment tracked by GPS?” The same technology used to monitor fleet vehicles is used to track all types of equipment — from cranes to excavators to bulldozers. Heavy equipment tracking devices are placed in equipment to allow management to see how their company assets are being used 24/7. Heavy Equipment tracking devices give you real-time alerts, route tracking, and theft prevention tools.

Heavy equipment is a big investment, which is why it’s so important to keep your equipment running at peak performance levels. Idling, fuel waste, and unauthorized or rough use can make your equipment more expensive to operate and maintain. Installing an effective tracking solution from Track Your Truck helps extend the useful life of your heavy equipment.

Locate your equipment, monitor the way assets are being deployed and track the hours your drivers work. Heavy equipment GPS tracking devices provide the data for reports — reports that provide a complete understanding of your equipment activity.



  • Know where your equipment is at all times, no matter how remote the location
  • Real-time data indicates whether the engine is running, total miles traveled, unauthorized use and the precise location of each piece of equipment
  • Improve maintenance with accurate reports on past service, mileage, engine hours and idling
  • Usage reports indicate whether assets are being utilized efficiently
  • Can’t find a piece of equipment and forced to rent? When you use our GPS tracking equipment, expensive rentals will be a thing of the past
  • Know where your equipment is at all times, so you can better plan scheduling and routing
  • Equipment tracking devices help you eliminate equipment and driver downtime

Tracking and Heavy Equipment for All Industries

Our GPS tracking equipment have commercial applications for any industry that uses a trailer or heavy equipment:

  • Construction companies
  • Shipping and logistics
  • Landscapers
  • Restaurants and food trucks
  • Motorsports trailers
  • Farming equipment
  • Energy companies and utilities
  • Manufacturers
  • Road and highway

Reliable Equipment Tracking

How effectively is your team using your backhoes, trenchers, excavators, bulldozers, tractors, graders and similar heavy equipment? Without a tracking system, construction companies are left to guess how many hours these devices are being utilized and how efficiently they are being used. Track Your Truck's tracking systems allow you to have real-time information to know exactly how and where your equipment is being used.

With Track Your Truck, you can monitor your equipment at multiple locations effortlessly. Do you need a bulldozer at a new site? Instantly see where all of your bulldozers are and which ones are not in use. Are you sending agricultural equipment to a customer's farm? Provide an accurate estimated time of arrival with real-time tracking. Deploy equipment quickly with accurate arrival estimates and accurate location data.

See data about mileage, engine hours, idling time and even unauthorized use for all vehicles and equipment your company owns - this helps to ensure they are being used to their fullest potential. Make changes where necessary to increase efficiency and effectiveness for your entire fleet.

Ways to Use Heavy Equipment Tracking

Set perimeter alarms so you know when equipment leaves a construction site, easily track any misplaced or stolen equipment, and monitor hours of use with the right tracking system from Track Your Truck. Provide customers with real-time delivery estimates for shipments and deliveries. Just as with mobile vehicles, your tracking system will show you real-time data about how a piece of equipment is being used, so every project is proceeding as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Are you ready to take better control over your fleet? With Track Your Truck, it is simple to get the data you need to effectively monitor and utilize your equipment. Contact a Track Your Truck representative to learn more about heavy equipment monitoring and tracking.

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