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Your equipment assets play a crucial role in your company’s success. That’s why it’s just as important to protect those assets as it is to protect your services and personnel. With the help of Track Your Truck, you can use a GPS asset tracking system to keep a close eye on your moveable and fixed assets, whatever your situation.

Installing our GPS for construction equipment and other machinery allows you to monitor asset location from anywhere with an Internet connection on a computer or mobile device. You can keep your most precious assets secure with better management strategies and control.

If your employees are transporting precious cargo, you need our GPS asset tracking hardware to help you keep it safe. Read below to learn more about the benefits of having a tracking system for your assets.

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Asset Tracking
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GPS Tracking of Assets Helps Business Owners

  • Monitor asset locations from anywhere with an Internet connection
  • Control and manage several project locations from one device
  • Lower the risk of theft
  • Recover stolen or lost property
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What Is GPS Asset Tracking Management?

Asset tracking management helps protect your company’s physical assets and monitor them from both fixed and changing locations. A physical device is attached to your assets, and you can receive updates on your valuables, even if you have a fleet transporting them across the country.

Choose between real-time tracking so you can follow your assets at your discretion or more passive tracking that provides multiple location updates each day. You can apply the management system that works best for your business.

GPS equipment and construction vehicle tracking devices provide a better way to keep your business assets safe. They streamline management and place location awareness at your fingertips. Keep your high-value items safe, especially when employees need to transport them through areas with high crime rates.

Our tracking solutions are intuitive and easy to use. You can set up and integrate Track Your Truck asset tracking without a major hassle. Once you set up your system, you can start using it to improve your business right away.

Protect Business Assets From Theft With an Equipment GPS Tracking System

According to The National Crime Information Center, nearly 1,000 pieces of commercial equipment are reported stolen every month. Stolen assets and equipment can lead to major productivity and financial losses. Insurance may help cover some of the damage, but productivity will still be affected. How do you protect yourself, your employees and your assets from becoming a NCIC statistic?

Implement a reliable asset tracker for your fleet. With tracking technology, you can ensure that your assets are where they need to be at the proper time. This way, if you encounter any suspicious activity, you can take immediate preventative or responsive action.

At Track Your Truck, we offer different GPS asset tracking types. These methods include:

Real-Time Tracking Systems: Whatever the time of day, you have access to updates and reports about your assets so you know where they are. Check on your assets throughout the day on your device, whether employees are transporting them or using them in a specific area. You can make sure assets remain within pre-determined boundaries at all times for protection against theft. Plus, set up the tracking program to send you alerts if your assets leave the area or go off-route.

Passive Tracking Systems: With our passive asset tracking technology, concealed devices provide location updates to your computer or phone up to six times per day through our GPS asset tracking software. Passive tracking works well for stationary assets since you can use recent location data to lead law enforcement to stolen property. While insurance can partially reimburse you for stolen equipment, a tracking system gives you the tools to save your company money by helping you retrieve assets quickly.

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At Track Your Truck, our GPS tracking devices for equipment empower you to increase the safety of your assets and respond more quickly to threats. Contact Track Your Truck today if you’re interested in enhancing the security of your operations with real-time asset trackers for fleets or passive GPS tracking devices. We will be glad to offer you a quote or help you develop a tracking solution to offer more effective protection for your assets.

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