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Construction delays, poor driving habits and theft can slow down your trailer fleet’s operations and cause financial losses. Control these variables with commercial semi-trailer tracking systems from Track Your Truck. With access to the location of your commercial vehicles from a mobile device or computer, you have the power to manage your fleet, lowering the risk of delays and stolen property.

What Is GPS Trailer Tracking?

A tractor-trailer tracking system allows you to gather location data about your trailer fleet in real-time. You can use this data to coordinate between drivers while they’re on the road and provide progress updates to customers.

Our GPS trailer tracking devices can update you on vehicle location as often as every two minutes while your trailers are up and running. The devices will update you up to six times per day if the trailer is parked in a yard.

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Trailer Tracking
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Benefits of Trailer Tracking Software

  • Improve Vehicle MaintenanceKeeping vehicles in top condition is a major priority for tractor trailer companies. When your employees use equipment on a daily basis, you need fast, efficient maintenance and repairs. With tracking software, maintenance personnel can find your vehicles quickly, reducing the challenge of conflicting schedules. You’ll also save on maintenance costs in the long-run.
  • Reduce Downtime: Every moment of downtime can delay deliveries and cause profit losses. Tracking technology reduces downtime by improving communication between you, employees and customers. Use your awareness of location and employee performance to direct your drivers, facilitate schedule changes and act quickly if you notice suspicious behavior.
  • Eliminate Equipment Renting: When you can’t find a piece of equipment, expensive rentals can damage your bottom line. With our trailer tracking software, you can keep track of all your assets and commercial vehicles and ensure they don’t go missing in the first place. This way, your company can avoid having to rent due to misplaced equipment.
  • Higher Brand Reputation: The most successful companies provide consistent, efficient, high-quality services. With our trailer tracking solutions, you have all the resources to maintain your business’s reputation and brand. The more you satisfy customers, the more they will work with you again or recommend your services to others.

Choose a Top-Rated Truck Tracking System Today

Make your fleet more secure by selecting a best-rated GPS technology system to track your commercial vehicles. At Track Your Truck, we’re dedicated to providing the best tractor trailer GPS tracking devices and systems for all industries and haul types.

Our support team is ready to answer all your questions about GPS tracking technology. We will help you find the right system for your fleet. We test and activate all our GPS tracking devices before sending them to you — all you have to do is install and start tracking!

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