GPS Asset Tracking System

Satellite GPS Asset Tracker

At Track Your Truck, we offer satellite GPS tracking devices that are customizable to your business needs. These satellite GPS asset tracking systems improve the chances of recovering stolen assets, provide accurate depot-to-depot tracking and offer up to six periodic updates throughout the day with our GPS tracking software.

With every purchase of a GPS satellite tracking system, you’ll get the added support of NetTrack, which is Track Your Truck’s powerful, easy-to-use tracking application. NetTrack will improve your fleet management with a web-based mapping interface that collects location data from all your assets and vehicles.

Why Choose a GPS Tracker for Equipment From Track Your Truck?

A GPS asset management tracker is a great solution for managing your company assets wherever they go. We’re a satellite GPS tracking company that’s dedicated to helping you keep track of assets and vehicles location, speed and direction in all situations. With us, you can:

  • Track in remote areas: If you have assets that travel or are stationed in areas with poor cellular coverage, our asset management GPS tracking systems are the ideal solution for you. Our tracking systems provide detailed reports and real-time GPS updates for companies that operate in areas with no cellular coverage so that you can manage and improve your business.
  • Take advantage of periodic data transfer: To keep you and customers constantly informed of the location of your assets, you can receive GPS updates as frequently as every fifteen minutes. Expect two to six updates per day when using the GPS unit’s internal battery.
  • Enjoy unbeatable quality: At Track Your Truck, we offer unbeatable quality and service in comparison to other companies. We offer customization of software and data mining capabilities so that you can start tracking data to discover trends and save money. We’re also always refining our fleet satellite tracking systems to add new functionalities while also providing dedicated support that you can’t get anywhere else.
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Simple Satellite Tracking Systems You Can Trust From Track Your Truck

At Track Your Truck, we offer GPS tracking for construction equipment and other assets in conjunction with Premium Live GPS tracking to meet all of your business needs. You’re guaranteed the best with GPS units that are delivered fully tested, certified and active for immediate usage. When you receive your fleet satellite tracking system, all you have to do is open the box, affix the unit and start tracking your fleet.

We stand out from the competition with a staff that’s committed to matching your business with a cost-effective vehicle tracking solution. We also perform all programming and changes in-house to make sure the job gets done quickly and efficiently. We offer individualized attention and customization while also providing long-lasting solutions.

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