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Driver Tracking Systems: Track Drivers, Not Just Vehicles

Many businesses have trouble getting the most out of their fleet. They may think that extra costs and unplanned variables are a part of the trade. If this has been your experience as a fleet manager, you’ll be happy to know that practicing good driver management can help you streamline your process and take your fleet to the next level.

Modern commercial vehicle tracking systems provide the ability to monitor the use of your fleet, providing real-time data you can study for ways to improve safety and productivity. However, you may know where your trucks are and how they are being driven, but do you know who is driving them?

A Dallas Driver ID system offers additional insight into the behavior and whereabouts of your drivers. It identifies the driver of each vehicle, so you can separate vehicle data from driver data, which allows reporting by the driver as well as by vehicle. This is particularly useful for businesses that operate a fleet of vehicles across many drivers who do not use the same vehicle each day.

If you’re searching for a vehicle tracking product that includes an advanced driver monitoring system, Track Your Truck provides a complete range of solutions customized to your needs.

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Advantages of Electronic Dallas Driver ID Technology

  • Identify the Driver of the Vehicle.
    The more you know about what’s going on with your employees while on the road, the better you’re able to make improvements and manage your fleet. Track Your Truck driver monitoring systems make it possible to run reports by the driver as well as by vehicle, so you always know who is behind the wheel of every truck, every shift. Find out who got that speeding ticket, who was driving when a speeding alert was issued, who is misusing vehicles after hours and more. Our GPS tracker for truck drivers lets you isolate and view an individual vehicle in real-time, plus play back routes and review historical data sets to identify trends.
  • Verify the Official Start and End of the Day
    No matter the size of your fleet or the distance it travels, it can be challenging accurately tracking the start and end times of your employees. Knowing what time each driver began and ended work on any given day helps reduce false overtime claims. The driver tracking software digitally tracks and logs daily shift information, saving time for both the driver and management. GPS driver tracking devices keep definitive tabs of when drivers start and end their day.
  • Supplement Timesheet Reports
    Check your driver reports against timesheet reports to confirm the hours worked by each driver. This ensures the accuracy of your payroll. Generate reports automatically from the Driver ID monitoring system on a pre-determined schedule. Send timesheet reports by email or text, and save and print them out in popular formats such as Excel, Word and Adobe PDF.

How Does Our GPS Driver Tracking Software Work?

The Dallas ID key fob monitoring system is easy to install and simple to use. The key reader is installed on each vehicle’s dashboard along with your GPS tracking device. Each driver gets a unique, coded Dallas key that must be touched to the key reader when turning on the ignition. The driver’s name is logged into the system so you can get a report based on a particular driver, not just the vehicle. If the driver changes vehicles during the day, the system aggregates driver-tracking information to give you a comprehensive view of the driver’s activity.

Driver ID is an optional add-on feature that seamlessly integrated into your tracking system, enhancing your ability to monitor employee performance. Our driver behavior functionality also tracks individual drivers, helping you eliminate aggressive driving habits including rapid acceleration, speeding, harsh stopping and starting, and going too fast around turns. Correct bad habits and eliminate unnecessary risks as you reduce fuel consumption and extend your vehicle’s service life.

Driver Management System: Improve Your Fleet

The right system includes driver management software that can give you crucial data and information on your drivers and your fleet as a whole. If your fleet lacks a driver management system, then you could be missing out on many incredible benefits that you, your drivers and your clients should be enjoying.

1. Insights From GPS and Telematics Data With Tracking Software

In today’s society, data is king. You need access to helpful data if you want to experience newfound success with your drivers. Telematic hardware like global positioning system (GPS) devices and related software can give you deep insights into the performance of your fleet with data you can use to your advantage.

Here are some of the insights you can get from this tracking truck drivers:

  • Know where your drivers are on their routes.
  • Keep track of when each truck last received maintenance and get alerts to remind you when preventative maintenance is due.
  • Receive metrics on your drivers to know who is working efficiently and who may need further coaching or training.
  • Gain other fleet-related insights specific to your industry.

And one of the best parts is that you can get most of this data in real-time, giving you even more control over the performance of your fleet and knowledge of how well your system is operating.

2. Better Driver Efficiency

You’ll love how a proper driver management system increases your fleet’s efficiency. Here are three ways that you can see an increase in efficiency right away:

  • Your drivers can strive for new goals: Driver management systems will make necessary changes to help your drivers achieve their best. This can be in the form of incentives like individual prizes and team awards for reaching milestones and quarterly goals. You may find it surprising how competitive drivers can get when offered incentives.
  • Your drivers will want you to see their best work: You’ll have great insight into how your drivers are performing, thanks to an installed telematics system across your fleet. If your drivers know that you’re tracking their metrics, then they’ll want you to see them at their best. You could see a boost in efficiency as drivers seek to be seen in the best light possible for raises and job retention.

3. Lower Fuel Costs

You know that one of the biggest expenses of running a fleet is the fuel costs. One of the reasons a driver management system is so helpful is because it can help you lower costs in the form of better driver efficiency. But more immediately, a driver management system can help you cut back on those pesky fuel costs that always seem to eat up so much room in your budget.

You can use GPS data to determine the fastest routes for your drivers, saving you money on gas. You can also use this technology to see if trucks are idling, adding up to a severe waste of gas. Part of your driver maintenance system can also include gas cards with various limitations and restrictions to prohibit non-business gas spending from occurring. With these and other measures as part of your system, you can save money on gas and put it toward other parts of your business.

4. Improved Fleet Safety

You’ve learned a bit about the importance of increasing efficiency and reducing spending, but there is another critical part of running a successful fleet — safety. Safety is the key that lets your drivers make their runs every day and keeps your business operating.

Here are some of the ways a good driver management system can help improve the safety of your fleet:

  • More careful driving: By offering incentives and tracking your drivers, your drivers will put more effort into being careful on the road. They’ll want to avoid repercussions while achieving career milestones, and knowing that their results will be tangible thanks to the data you gather, they’ll put forth their best.
  • Opportunities for training: Drivers need proper training to be safe behind the wheel. If can tell a driver is slacking on safety from your data, you have the opportunity to give that driver extra training so they can be as safe as possible.

5. Happier Clients

Your fleet business would be nothing without your loyal clients and customers. For every business transaction, you strive to deliver the best service possible in the form of timely deliveries, consistent pick-ups and other fleet-related tasks. A driver management system will ensure your drivers are doing what they should be doing to keep those customers happy.

Happy customers lead to more sales. More sales lead to business growth and more opportunities for profits and expansion. Everything you do, you should do with your clients in mind. This includes giving them the best experience possible with the functioning and efficiency of your fleet. Get the most out of your fleet for your customers with a great driver management system and telematics data.

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Reap the Benefits of a Vehicle Monitoring System With Driver ID

Driver ID is an effective tool for managing employee and fleet productivity. Accountability increases as drivers become more responsible for their driving actions and behaviors, including speeding, idling, accidents, traffic violations and aggressive driving.

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