Premium Dash-Hawk SW

Premium Dash-Hawk SW

When you have you have a fleet of vehicles and drivers, you understand the risk presented by not only your driver but other drivers as well.  Dash Camera systems are an integral part of risk management in a mobile fleet.  From verifying driver compliance with safety protocols such as no cell phone use to proving that your driver was not at fault in an accident, in-vehicle cameras are essential equipment.

As a provider of the latest video and tracking solutions, we can help you keep beneficial technology in your vehicles to better assist you in managing your fleet.

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Product Features:

  • Live view of Road and Driver in Hi-Def
  • Lightning Fast Plug & Play Installation
  • 15 Second Tracking Updates
  • Deters criminals from vandalism and/or robbery of company vehicles
  • Protects your fleet against fraudulent accident claims
  • Provides eligibility for insurance discounts
  • Compliments our NetTrack Tracking Solution

Service Details:

  • Real-Time Video transfer with GPS Location tagging.
  • Instant notification of adverse events
  • HD Video with LTE performance
  • Up To 128 GB/ 166 Hours of Local Storage
  • Industry Leading Technologies
  • Triggered event reporting