Dash Hawk SW Dual-Facing Dashcam

Providing a convenient, all-in-one video and GPS tracking solution, Dash Cameras are an excellent way to monitor your fleet. Verify driver safety compliance or prove your driver’s lack of fault in an accident with instant video replay and event recording. Track your vehicles’ location and driving quality with the integrated GPS and Driver Behavior technology as well, with both features being available on your desktop and smart devices.

The Dash Hawk SW Dual-Facing Dashcam captures footage of both the driver and the road ahead, which serves as sufficient evidence in the event of a collision. This dash cam’s dual-facing design provides both live and recorded video capabilities from both angles. This makes the Dash Hawk SW the perfect camera for all your fleet management needs.

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Product Features:

  • Live view of Road and Driver in Hi-Def
  • Lightning Fast Plug & Play Installation
  • 30 Second Tracking Updates
  • Deters criminals from vandalism and/or robbery of company vehicles
  • Protects your fleet against fraudulent accident claims
  • Provides eligibility for insurance discounts
  • Compliments our NetTrack Tracking Solution


Service Details:

  • Real-Time Video transfer with GPS Location tagging.
  • Instant notification of adverse events
  • HD Video with LTE performance
  • Up To 128 GB/ 166 Hours of Local Storage
  • Industry Leading Technologies
  • Triggered event reporting