Tow Truck GPS Tracking Management

As the owner of a towing or wrecker service, getting to a stranded vehicle operator quickly is crucial to your success. GPS tow truck tracking software lets you know where your tow trucks are so that you can dispatch the closest one immediately. Track Your Truck offers a user-friendly tow truck GPS tracking management system that will improve customer satisfaction and help you grow your business.

Our easy-to-use GPS tow truck tracking system will help you to:

  • Manage your entire wrecker fleet on one screen with our simple-to-use software, so you always know the location of your vehicles.
  • Know the speed, location and direction of all tow trucks and wreckers in your fleet.
  • Win more jobs by being the first tow truck on the scene.
  • Recover missing wreckers by providing the last known GPS coordinates for missing or stolen assets.
  • Improve arrival time predictions to increase customer satisfaction.
  • Dispatch the closest truck to limit wait times for customers.
  • Verify authorize use by monitoring PTO on/off events
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Why Is a Tow Truck Tracker Necessary?

When an anxious, stranded driver turns to your company for help, your goal is to get a tow truck to the scene as quickly as possible. Improving customer satisfaction ultimately will help you grow your business through positive word-of-mouth, and GPS vehicle tracking can help. Vehicle tracking software lets you know, in real time, where your tow trucks are so you can quickly dispatch the one closest to the customer, providing quality service in a timely manner where it’s needed.

Besides enabling you to provide faster, more efficient customer service, GPS for a towing truck fleet will give you more insight into the performance of your drivers and vehicles. Tow truck companies using fleet tracking systems understand the benefits of tracking and routing, but state-of-the-art tow company software allows your tracking system to do even more, including keeping maintenance schedules and tracking driver behavior.

Tow truck companies today are using these programs to keep their drivers accountable, their trucks well maintained and their customers satisfied. You can install a GPS tow truck tracking device inside every vehicle in your fleet. The tow tracker will deliver real-time truck location information to any web-enabled computer, smartphone or tablet. You can also get access to data regarding your drivers’ behavior, such as whether they are idling too long or driving carelessly.

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Benefits of Tow Truck Fleet Tracking

The benefits of integrating GPS tow truck tracking devices into your fleet management practices follow.

24/7 Location Tracking

You’ll know where every device-equipped tow truck in your fleet is at all times. Knowing the locations of your tow trucks and drivers at all times allows you to send the nearest truck to a stranded car and also communicate the expected arrival time to the customer. You and your dispatchers won’t have to make multiple calls to drivers to see who’s available to help a stranded vehicle operator. Your response times — and customer service levels — will improve significantly.

Keep Your Fleet Safe and Efficient

Tow truck GPS tracking management can promote safer driving practices. Drivers who know they’re being monitored will take fewer chances, which will reduce the risk of accidents. Information about driving behavior — such as whether the driver is speeding, idling, driving in an unsafe manner or unexpectedly changing the planned route — allows you to act to keep your fleet safe and efficient as well as keep your reputation strong in the community you service. It will also help you streamline maintenance, reducing the likelihood of on-the-road breakdowns and the lost time they lead to. A hardwired device can even monitor a tow truck’s power takeoff (PTO) switch when someone is operating the towing mechanism.

Adjusted Traffic Conditions

Snarled traffic and roadwork can cause delays for drivers trying to reach a stranded motorist. Our GPS tow truck tracking device will deliver the latest information about traffic conditions and construction. Your drivers can then adjust to a more efficient route, saving valuable time for your customers.

Lower Fuel Expenses

Tow truck fleet tracking can reveal unauthorized vehicle use, allowing you to stop side trips that are increasing your fuel expenses. The improved vehicle maintenance practices that our software facilitates can also help your trucks run more efficiently, which will reduce your fleet’s fuel consumption.

Prevent Theft

Our GPS tow truck tracking software can also reduce the risk of theft of your wreckers. By giving exact GPS coordinates, you can help law enforcement professionals track down your trucks if they’re ever stolen, helping them return your valuable business assets more quickly.

If you are not using vehicle tracking for your fleet, you are missing out on all of these benefits and more. These savings and the lowered risk associated with fleet tracking will provide a quick return on your investment.

Learn More About GPS Tracking for Your Tow Truck Fleet

Our easy-to-use GPS tow truck tracking software permits you to begin tracking your fleet and improving the customer experience rapidly. All Track Your Truck devices are delivered, certified, tested and activated. Simply install the devices into your trucks and start tracking. Our mobile solutions allow you to track from almost anywhere via your smartphone or tablet — all you need is an Internet connection. Track Your Truck GPS systems provide a big value for a small investment.

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