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GPS Tracking Devices

gps tracking device in cars on highway
  • Easy Install — simply plugin to OBDII port
  • Tracks real-time vehicle location and speed 24/7
  • Internal antennas and battery backup in case of driver tampering or theft
  • Certified by Wireless Carriers to ensure reliability.
  • Best suited for light/medium duty cars and trucks
premium gps tracking device in commercial fleet vehicles
  • Tracks real-time vehicle location and speed 24/7
  • Internal antennas and battery backup in case of driver tampering or stolen vehicle
  • Add-On Capabilities: PTO Sensor, Starter Disable, Driver ID, Temperature Sensor
  • Certified by Wireless Carriers to ensure reliability.
  • Simple 3-wire installation; can be installed by any mechanic
  • Best suited for all vehicles for Covert, Tamper Proof installation
A line of fleet trucks
  • Untethered, passive tracking using 6-month internal, rechargeable battery with up to 6 updates per day
  • Equipment mode — monitor equipment operating time
  • Internal antennas for concealed installation; IP66 rated for outdoor use
  • Certified by Wireless Carriers to ensure reliability.
  • 2 wire installation; typically connects to trailer lights to charge battery
  • Best suited for Trailers and Construction Equipment
Satellite gps equipment tracker
  • 3 modes of tracking:
    • Standard tracking with up to 6 updates per day
    • Depot-to-depot tracking — 1 update per day at depot/yard; 1 update per 2 hours between depots/yards
    • Theft recovery — automatically set job site radius and receive alert and tracking if unit exits site
  • Internal antennas for concealed installation to thwart tampering
  • Motion sensor for detecting movement and alarming
  • No wires to install- Includes 4 Lithium Ultimate AAA; field replaceable batteries last 1+ years on 2 Updates per day
  • Best Suited for Equipment without power

About GPS Tracking

Why should your company’s fleet use GPS tracking devices? If you need to know — in real-time — where your vehicles are, and you want to find out with just a click of a button, then you need GPS trackers. With today’s advanced capabilities in cellular and satellite communication, you can use GPS tracking devices for trucks, vans, vehicles, barges and equipment to better manage your mobile resources, no matter where they are located.

GPS Tracker Features

To determine the type of tracking device you need and which features you want, you should decide how you are going to use it. Do you need covert tracking? If so, you want a small, concealable tracker that can be mounted discreetly. Are you using the device to track your fleet? Then, a hardwired or plug-in device that provides real-time service is ideal. Do you need a less than real-time device? If so, then a battery only device that reports a few times per day would bet best.

The next question to ask yourself is this: How do you want to access your tracking information? Do you in stay in the office most of the time? If so, you will want a robust web-based tracking application. Do you spend much of your day in the field? Then, you will want a mobile app that tracks your vehicles while you are on the go. Don’t forget that you will likely need the system to provide alerts to email/text for unauthorized use.

Other features you want to consider are custom reporting capabilities to help track your fleet, geo-fence options and the ability to monitor operational information such as driver behavior or fuel efficiency.

Quality Tracking Devices and Reliable Support

Track Your Truck offers a variety of GPS tracking devices that meet your business needs, while providing detailed reporting on your vehicles, employees and inventory — helping you cut costs.

With Track Your Truck tracking devices, you know you’re receiving quality products that work. Our tracking systems come guaranteed, warrantied, fully tested, certified and activated, so you can start tracking your fleet immediately. We will help you choose the right system for your business.

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