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GPS Tracking Devices

With today’s advanced capabilities in cellular and satellite communication, you can use GPS tracking devices for trucks, vans, vehicles, barges and equipment to better manage your mobile resources, no matter where they are located. Track Your Truck offers GPS tracking solutions customized specifically to your business needs, providing detailed reporting on your vehicles, employees and inventory — helping you cut costs.

Live/GPS Vehicle Tracking

Live GPS tracking devices are ideal for most vehicle tracking needs.

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Passive/GPS Tracking

Passive cellular GPS trackers are optimal for urban/suburban coverage areas.

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Satellite/GPS Tracking

Satellite devices are recommended for rural coverage areas. Real-time or passive update options are available.

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Premium ELD/AOBRD Devices

Electronic Logging Devices that offer easy to use web-based administration console.

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Live GPS Vehicle Tracking

Live GPS tracking devices are ideal for most vehicle tracking needs. With live vehicle tracking systems, you can have access to real-time data about vehicle location, use, driving speed and more! We offer a premium gps plug-in vehicle tracker and a premium gps hardwired vehicle tracker. Use these to track driving habits, route vehicles more effectively, keep tabs on equipment that is at high risk of theft, and improve your dispatch processes. Live GPS tracking systems come equipped with NetTrack, Track Your Truck's monitoring and reporting software. With NetTrack, you can track your fleet from any web-enabled device, including mobile! Learn more about our live GPS tracking devices.

Passive GPS Tracking

Passive cellular GPS trackers are ideal for urban/suburban coverage areas. If your fleet operates within cellular coverage areas, you can get accurate data about your vehicles’ statuses; track your trailers, vehicles and assets; receive multiple updates daily; and enjoy affordable tracking options. This is an ideal and affordable solution for trailer tracking and asset tracking where real-time data is not needed but accuracy is still important. Learn more about our passive GPS trackers.

Satellite GPS Tracking

Know where your vehicles and assets are — no matter where your route takes you — with satellite GPS tracking options from Track Your Truck. Satellite devices are recommended for rural coverage areas where cellular coverage may be spotty. Our systems are simple to use, provide accurate location information and come with NetTrack to improve your tracking processes. Learn more about satellite GPS tracking options.

Premium ELD Devices

Find compliant electronic logging devices that offer easy-to-use web-based administration consoles with the help of Track Your Truck. Ensure that your fleet is compliant with fully FMCSA Certified tracking and logging devices. These systems are simple to use with an easy-to-understand administration console, and they include DVIR and IFTA reporting options. With these devices, automatically record hours of duty, easily track vehicles and driver behavior, and have access to instant reporting — including IFTA and DVIR reporting, whenever it is needed. Learn more about Premium ELD and AOBRD Devices.

GPS Tracking Doubles as Fleet Tracking

Do you know where your fleet vehicles are, what they are doing, and how safely and efficiently your drivers are operating? At Track Your Truck, our effective, reliable GPS truck tracking devices double as fleet tracking devices. Through connection with a dedicated online fleet management portal, the Track Your Truck devices in your company's vehicles will provide fleet managers crucial data they need to make informed decisions while they are in the field. With timely data from the GPS devices, fleet managers can ensure a safe, efficient and effective operation.

Reliable GPS Truck Tracking Devices and Software

With Track Your Truck vehicle tracking devices, you know you’re receiving quality products that work. Our tracking systems come guaranteed, warrantied, fully tested, certified and activated, so you can start tracking your fleet immediately. We help you choose the right system for your business.

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