Essential Equipment Tracker

Essential Equipment Tracker

When you have mobile jobsite equipment such as Track Loaders, Generators, Bulldozers, and Excavators, you need to know where they are and how they are being used.  These are vital assets that are sometimes moved from site-to-site or parked in holding yards where their location is not always known.  With our Rugged Essential Equipment Tracker, you will always know where your equipment is located and how many hours it is being operated.  Track Your Truck will notify you of maintenance needs using our preventative maintenance tool and alert you when the equipment is being trailered to the next location.

As a provider of the latest tracking solutions, we can help you keep tabs on all your assets and stay one-step ahead with increased productivity.

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Product Features:

  • Tracks real-time equipment location, operating time, idle time, and tow time
  • Certified by Wireless Carriers to ensure reliability
  • Internal antennas and battery backup in case of tampering or when kill switch is active
  • Rugged IP67 waterproof enclosure for multiple mounting options
  • Starter Disable – remotely disables equipment ignition

Service Details:

  • 120-second GPS update standard, 60s and 30s available
  • Reliable store and forward technology
  • Smart Geofencing technology – monitors motion and movement
  • 1400 MAH Lithium-Ion Backup Battery – Tracks and Alerts when power is disconnected