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As low as $14.99/month*
with FREE Devices

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Track your vehicles in Real Time

  • 24/7 tracking with your computer or our Android and iOS Mobile Apps
  • Monitor speeding using Posted Speed Limits
  • Monitor all Stops and Stop times
  • Monitor all Idling and Idle times

Smart Tracking

  • Get a clearer picture of your vehicle’s route
  • See every turn your vehicle makes
  • Records all vehicle starts, stops and standstills
  • Automatically sends alerts for power failure or tampering

Mobile Apps

  • Track all your vehicles from your phone/tablet
  • Run reports on the go
  • Set one-time alerts to notify you of movement
  • Apps offered for both iOS and Android
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  • 24/7 text and email alerts
  • Monitor all activity including after hours use
  • Alert on speeding, stops, idling, hard turns, heavy braking
Fleet management software report


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Report Scheduler

  • Automatically receive daily, weekly and monthly reports via email
  • Saves you time by eliminating need to login and run your most used reports
Live GPS tracking map on a computer screen

Real-Time Google Mapping

  • The most familiar and easy-to-use maps
  • Use Google Street View to identify where vehicle is stopped
  • Use Google Traffic to save time by routing around congestion
Truck speedometer at 100 km/h

Driver Safety

  • Identify aggressive driving habits
  • Monitor hard cornering, heavy braking, and fast acceleration
  • Rank drivers according to driving behavior

Since 1998 TYT has been in Vehicle Tracking business.

Solutions that work

“It is working well especially for our Fleet Manager, he is very happy to be able to see where all our trucks are without having to call them to find out. We’ve used speed, breaking, key on, key off, arrive and leave point alerts and were just looking this morning and looks like it will be a good tool for IFTA mileage.”

- Joel B. Transportation Trucking Co.

Customer Service experience

“We are very happy overall and I am very happy with the quick responses I get from you with any questions I have.”

- Dalton R., Delivery Coordinator, Food Service Co.

Service Reliability

“A few years ago, I bought 6 GPS devices from Track Your Truck and had them installed on my 6 vans. These devices have definitely given me more control with tracking hours and helping to make sure each drives safely.”

- Greg L. Painting Contractor

*$14.99/month with FREE Devices for Premium Plug In Hardware

Our approach to vehicle tracking:

All vehicle tracking companies are not the same. We have a unique approach to our service that makes us a great choice for most businesses.

  • We don’t cut corners
  • We provide a reliable and dependable service at a good, fair price
  • We stand behind our product with customer service and warranties
  • Quality, carrier approved tracking devices that simply work day in and day out
  • Rigorous attention to detail

Pricing and Guarantees:

You need a tracking service that stands behind their product. We offer 20 years of experience and the guarantees to back it up.

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  • As low as $14.99/month with FREE devices
  • Custom pricing for your needs
  • 2-Year warranty
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Radical customer support
  • Quality US-based GPS devices
  • Android and iOS mobile apps

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