Simple GPS Vehicle Tracker

Simple GPS Vehicle Tracker

At Track Your Truck, we offer the latest commercial vehicle tracking solutions for competitive prices. Whether you manage a utility fleet or delivery company, our simple GPS vehicle tracker could be just the solution your business needs. This device is compact and easy to install, which allows you to enjoy all the benefits of modern-day tracking without a hassle.

Our simple GPS tracker offers an excellent way to cut costs and maximize safety while your drivers work in separate locations. With a broad range of features and service benefits, you can monitor multiple vehicles at a time from almost anywhere.

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Product Features

  • Tracks real-time vehicle location, speed and heading 24/7
  • Certified by Wireless Carriers to ensure reliability.
  • Internal antennas and battery backup in case of driver tampering or theft
  • Starter Disable — remotely disables vehicle ignition

Service Details

  • 120-second GPS update standard, 60s and 30s available
  • Reliable store and forward
  • 2,000+ stored messages
  • Lithium-Ion Backup Battery – Tracks and Alerts when power is disconnected
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