Simple GPS Vehicle Tracker

At Track Your Truck, we offer the latest commercial vehicle tracking solutions for competitive prices. Whether you manage a utility fleet or delivery company, our simple vehicle tracker could be just the solution your business needs. This device is compact and easy to install, which allows you to enjoy all the benefits of modern-day tracking without a hassle.

Our simple GPS tracker offers an excellent way to cut costs and maximize safety while your drivers work in separate locations. With a broad range of features and service benefits, you can monitor multiple vehicles at a time from almost anywhere.

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Product Features

With our product features, you’ll get the most from your simple GPS tracking device so you can know where your equipment is at regular intervals. We’ve optimized the design for convenience, usability and visibility wherever your vehicles are during the workday.

Key product features to fit your needs include:

  • Tracks real-time vehicle location, speed and heading 24/7
  • Certified by Wireless Carriers to ensure reliability.
  • Internal antennas and battery backup in case of driver tampering or theft
  • Starter Disable — remotely disables vehicle ignition

Service Details

We offer convenient operating capabilities from our simple car tracker with specialized service details tailored to your industry’s needs. Take advantage of optimized service details to help you stay on top of fleet management:

  • 120-second GPS update standard, 60s and 30s available
  • Reliable store and forward
  • 2,000+ stored messages
  • Lithium-Ion Backup Battery – Tracks and Alerts when power is disconnected

The Easy Install GPS Tracker to Monitor Your Equipment

At Track Your Truck, we understand that your busy operations require a fast and easy way to monitor your fleet. With our simple tracking device for vehicles, you’ll get real-time updates on where your drivers are. We’ve designed our technology solution to be intuitive and convenient so you don’t have to spend time or hassle implementing it. It’s a straightforward and time-efficient way to stay on top of your day-to-day operations.

Our solution gives you an accessible summary of where your company vehicles have been during and after hours. It also provides a convenient solution to help safeguard against theft without requiring complex installation or monitoring. As a basic system for providing truck location visibility, it’s efficient and reliable for your needs. Plus, the design is optimized to work without draining the vehicle battery.

Benefits of Our Simple Vehicle Tracking Device

If you’re looking for an option that gives you basic tracking capabilities without complex operating requirements, this device could be the ideal solution for you. For many companies like yours, you just need a fast and convenient system to set up and start using right away. Whether you regularly track your vehicle or occasionally monitor it as a theft prevention strategy, our GPS tracker simplifies managing your fleet.

When you’re considering your options, keep these top advantages of our solution in mind:

  • Competitive pricing: To support your operations, we offer our user-friendly tracking solution at competitive prices to fit your budget.
  • User-friendly design: Our solution is compact and convenient to place in your company vehicles unobtrusively.
  • Easy installation: With our simple GPS tracker, you can easily set up monitoring capabilities in multiple vehicles without hassle or time-consuming installation processes. It’s fast and easy to start tracking when you work with our solution.
  • Reliable storage: You’ll get optimized, easy-to-view insights into vehicle location with reliable records if you need to reference them in the future.

Applications for the Simple GPS Tracking Device

As a dependable, simple tracking option, the Track Your Truck solution fits a range of needs on the job. It’s versatile and convenient to support your fleet security and management requirements on the job and after hours. With user-friendly monitoring capabilities, it will give you peace of mind and help you stay on top of your inventory whenever you need it.

Companies have implemented our solution for applications to:

  • Track vehicle location: Know where your fleet is and how drivers are making progress throughout the workday and after hours with our tracking device. The increased visibility helps you consistently stay on top of vehicle management.
  • Prevent theft: Installing our tracker gives you a covert way to watch where your vehicles are headed and reduce theft risk. If a vehicle ever goes missing, our system can potentially help you locate it.
  • Monitor movement: With the capabilities to track heading and speed, our simple tracker lets you monitor activity, discourage speeding and manage day-to-day transportation needs. Your insights will also offer visibility into employee efficiency and help you plan effectively for daily operations.
  • Get historical data: Having historical tracking data can be a significant asset, particularly for smaller businesses working with vans or trucks. Our clients rely on our solutions to see where their fleet goes in a day, evaluate mileage and other usage data, plan optimal routes and better distribute company resources.

Leverage Easy-Install GPS Tracking for Your Needs

Choose us when you need the right solution to make critical equipment tracking simple. At Track Your Truck, we offer an optimized, user-friendly system and trusted customer support to help you get what you need for the job.

You can trust us for customized software capabilities, continually updated and improved software, optimized device quality and more. Our team handles programming and changes in-house, so we’ll promptly complete bug fixes and other needs. Additionally, we offer a one-year warranty on all our products to provide optimized value for you.

To learn more about our offerings, request a quote today.