Waste Management Fleet Tracking

Tracking your garbage trucks ensures your waste management company can provide superior, reliable service, resulting in happier customers and improved efficiency. With your own custom tracking system for waste management companies from Track Your Truck, you will know where your garbage trucks are in real time, how fast they are going, and what traffic delays they may face.

With a historical record of your garbage truck activities, you can eliminate inefficient trends. This critical information allows you to deliver the type of service that your customers demand. If you are looking to improve your efficiency and customer service in an affordable and proven way, you need waste management fleet tracking.

Waste Management Fleet Tracking

GPS Tracking Devices for Garbage Trucks

Track Your Truck offers all of these benefits, and more. With one of our garbage truck tracker systems, you will be able to:

  • Easily dispatch a new garbage truck when one is broken down.
  • Improve routing to eliminate wasted time and fuel.
  • Ensure that drivers are held accountable for their whereabouts while on the job.
  • Handle customer disputes with historical or real-time information about vehicle locations.
  • Keep customers satisfied with prompt service and safe driving habits.
  • Send specialty vehicles to the right locations for large-item pickups.
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Improved Customer Service With GPS Tracking for Waste Management Companies

Our waste management fleet tracking is designed to meet the unique needs of waste management companies. From simple route planning to real-time and historical location information, these systems provide waste management fleet managers with all of the information they need to provide timely service to their customers while also reducing wasted time and improving fuel efficiency for their garbage trucks. Waste management GPS tracking systems also provide information about driver speed and behavior, allowing the safety-conscious company to insist on safe driving practices at all times.

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Waste Management Fleet Tracking Is Easier With Track Your Truck

Track Your Truck has an easy-to-use system designed to track trash truck fleets in municipalities of all sizes. Our waste management fleet tracking systems also work well for private companies providing waste management services. Whether you are managing five garbage trucks for a small village or have 50 trucks serving a large metropolitan area, we will deliver a personalized system with the exact features you need. Our GPS trash truck tracker units come fully tested and activated, so they are ready to be used straight from the box. Simply install the tracking device on each garbage truck, log in to your personalized interface, and begin enjoying all the benefits of tracking your company garbage trucks using Google Maps.

You can access your system from any Internet-connected device, which means you can track your garbage trucks at all times, even when your work takes you into the field. With Track Your Truck, keeping tabs on your fleet allows you to exceed your customers’ expectations easily and efficiently.

Your customers are counting on you to provide prompt, reliable service. With Track Your Truck’s proprietary waste management fleet tracking system, it’s easier than ever to do just that.

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