GPS Tracking for Landscapers

Landscaping businesses often use a variety of heavy, expensive machines to keep their operations running at full speed and effectiveness. But if you’re a landscaper, you might also be constantly looking for ways to drive up productivity and reduce risks. Without a way to monitor and manage your vehicles and equipment, how can you ensure that the company is reaching its full potential?

With Track Your Truck GPS tracking for landscapers, you can better control all company assets and create a more efficient business. Learn more about how you can benefit from GPS tracking for lawn equipment today.


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Why Is Fleet Tracking for Lawn Equipment a Good Investment?

Our hardwiredplug-in and equipment trackers are all popular among landscaping companies due to their great investment potential. Affordable and easy to integrate with your current operations, GPS tracking for landscaping companies will provide a high-quality solution for a low initial cost. With this software, you’ll be able to receive updates on your computer or mobile device about your lawn maintenance trucks, vans, mowers, trailers and more. Lawn mower trackers will allow you to take several useful steps.


Prevent Unauthorized Use of Lawn Equipment

If you have yet to put a reliable tracking system in place, employees could be using equipment or vehicles outside of job parameters without your knowledge. If they are, it’s using up energy and increasing expenses for the company. With frequent updates on the whereabouts of your equipment, you can prevent wasteful personal use of company equipment and put a stop to unauthorized behavior. Location tracking will even give you the resources to act quickly in the event of a theft before you lose valuable equipment and assets.

Monitor Your Employees’ Efficiency

You can use our tracking software to make sure employees are using efficient driving and operating practices by monitoring location, habits and idle time. For example, GPS tracking will allow you to perform on-site quality inspections, receive maintenance alerts, dispatch the closest vehicle if an issue arises and more. In addition, you’ll be able to see if a member of your team is running behind schedule because of a traffic delay or emergency, which will enable you to keep clients updated and provide better time estimates.

Improve Landscaping Customers’ Loyalty

GPS trackers for your lawn mowers, yard work trucks and other lawn care equipment will help you build better relationships with your customers. Knowing where your equipment and vehicles are can improve communication and safety, which will inspire the trust of customers and enhance your reputation. Over time, this change could give you the chance to expand your services and take on more landscaping and lawn care projects for a wide range of people and businesses.


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GPS Tracking for Landscaping at Track Your Truck

By enhancing routes, reducing inefficient driver behavior and keeping customers in the loop, you can use our GPS tracking software to change your lawn care business for the better. Track Your Truck lawn care tracking software and devices are ready for use as soon as we deliver them. All you’ll need to do is install the devices and software, and you’ll be ready to start tracking. We’re ready to help you take control of your equipment and assets with a GPS tracking system.

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