How GPS Technology Can Help Your Business Grow

This article was published on: 02/17/21 by the Robert Hall

Today’s commercial fleets are under more pressure than ever as technology and customer demands develop. To pave the way for growth, many fleets are embracing the benefits of fleet tracking solutions. 

Is tracking your fleet with GPS worth it? What advantages does this technology offer to your business? With this brief guide, we’ll cover some of the ways you can use GPS technology to foster company growth.

Decrease Operational Costs

A wide variety of factors can affect the budget for your fleet. GPS tracking software comes with all types of features and benefits that help you plan routes and monitor vehicles more efficiently. It can:

  • Monitor vehicle location.
  • Monitor driver habits.
  • Store and analyze relevant data.
  • Provide customized alerts and reports.
  • Provide geofencing features.

All these capabilities are designed to help you increase efficiency and reduce overall operational costs. Fleet tracking software allows you to monitor factors like fuel consumption, idle time and speed — all of which can impact your budget. By gathering the appropriate data, you can find patterns and determine areas in which you have room for improvement.

Modern GPS technology can also help you streamline maintenance by delivering alerts and providing the resources you need to stay on a more consistent schedule. Regular preventive maintenance keeps your vehicles in top condition, which maximizes productivity and limits costly breakdowns.

Enhance Safety and Security Measures

When you operate a commercial fleet, safety is always a top priority. GPS tracking helps maximize safety by allowing you to monitor a vehicle’s location and a variety of driving habits such as hard acceleration, hard turns and hard braking. If you see these behaviors becoming patterns in a given driver, it could be time to address the issue with further training. The use of tracking software alone could be enough to encourage many employees to drive more safely.

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Fleet location tracking can also help prevent theft and recover stolen assets more quickly. You can use these capabilities to keep profit losses and equipment replacements from bogging down your operations.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is the driving force that keeps your business going. You need satisfied customers to build loyalty, trust and a strong reputation within your industry or community. Using more efficient routing capabilities and driver accountability, you can meet your consumers’ needs with fewer delays.

As a bonus, location tracking allows you to provide more accurate updates to customers who are waiting for services or deliveries. Better communication and transparency helps you build stronger relationships with customers, which is an excellent way to facilitate ongoing business growth.

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