Fleet Tracking Myths Busted

This article was published on: 04/6/20 by the Robert Hall

Fleet tracking technology has become widespread among trucking, delivery and service companies. GPS tracking solutions have transformed many small and medium-sized businesses, but there are still a few misconceptions about fleet management software.

To help you make an informed business decision, we have busted the most common myths about GPS fleet tracking systems. You can use our guide to help decide if tracking is right for your business and employees. Here are four of the biggest myths about GPS fleet tracking, debunked. 

GPS Tracking Systems Are Difficult to Learn

This idea comes from some of the original GPS tracking and fleet management systems that were designed for large corporate fleets. These have many features that smaller fleets and businesses don’t need — making them a bit complex. With Track Your Truck, this is not a problem.

Track Your Truck’s system is almost as simple as the GPS in most personal vehicles. Our user-friendly NetTrack mobile app means you can access data anywhere you have an Internet connection. If you need help learning to implement the system, our U.S.-based support team is ready to assist you.

GPS Tracking Means Lack of Driver Trust

This is one of the biggest objections today’s drivers have against tracking systems. Some feel that the installation of tracking systems indicates the management team doesn’t trust their drivers. Whether or not you trust your drivers, this is something you will need to address.

First, remind your drivers that tracking their activity does not mean lack of trust. Accountability is an important element in any business. In the same way that a child brings home a report card to show his or her work to parents, your GPS tracking system will verify your employees’ work.

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Second, tell your employees that you are moving to GPS tracking for their benefit. Many of the advantages of GPS tracking directly impact drivers, such as:

  • Ability to verify and reward good driving behaviors
  • Improved routing
  • More efficient vehicle use
  • Better vehicle maintenance to reduce downtime
  • Accurate data showing how long employees are at a job site

GPS tracking is a tool to help ensure your team is working at an optimal level. Showcase these benefits when presenting the program to negate any fears of a lack of trust. While your employees may be uncomfortable at first, you won’t lose quality people when they start recognizing the benefits.

It Costs Too Much

This objection comes from the high cost of many GPS tracking systems. If you are considering GPS tracking, but find that your supervisors are hesitant because of the expected cost, rest assured that Track Your Truck is not a costly addition to your fleet. The Track Your Truck system is designed specifically for the needs and budgets of small to medium businesses, having only the necessary features for smaller companies. With add-on functionality, Track Your Truck allows customers to pick and choose those features they need to help control costs and improve overall function.

Getting Started Requires Costly Installation

Many customers self-install, however if you do not feel comfortable with this task you should seek the help of a qualified installer or mechanic. The rest of the setup for Track Your Truck is easy: Your units will come fully tested and activated. To get started, simply open the box containing your tracking devices, install your units in your vehicles, and log into your NetTrack interface. You can start tracking the same day you receive your equipment. NetTrack allows you to easily set up alerts, create user groups and customize your reports. If you run into difficulty, help from our live support team is included with your service.

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Fleet Management Is Not Always at the Desk

Most small to medium businesses have fleet managers who perform many tasks. The person responsible for routing may also be someone out in the field delivering services. That’s not a problem at all. Track Your Truck’s system is fully mobile, accessible via tablet or phone, so you can track and manage your fleet anywhere you want.

My Fleet Is Too Small to Warrant a Tracking System

Regardless of how many vehicles you have, it’s important to know the whereabouts and behaviors of your drivers while they’re on the job. This information and insight is essential for improving safety, efficiency and communication. In addition, implementing a fleet tracking system helps you improve customer service for clients who want to be served as quickly as possible. Even if you only manage a few vehicles, GPS tracking can offer you an advantage over companies that use more traditional methods. 

Tracking Is Difficult to Use and Install

Implementing a new technology system can seem daunting at first. You may be hesitant to disrupt a routine or implement the necessary process changes, installations and training sessions.

The reality is that most tracking software and devices, including solutions from Track Your Truck, are designed for ease of use. Installation is as easy as placing trackers on vehicles and using a simple install app to verify your work. The systems themselves feature simple interfaces to make the transition as quick and easy as possible. 

There Is Little Benefit to the Employee

For example, tracking saves time and effort by removing the need for employees to fill out timesheets and check maps. Maintenance diagnostics and alerts can also inform you of repairs and other maintenance tasks that need to be performed. In this way, you can help prevent sudden mechanical failures during deliveries while increasing safety for drivers. 

I Don’t Need to Track Dots on a Map

Tracking software does more than allow you to track vehicle locations on a map. You can also identify fuel-wasting behaviors, coordinate better routes and provide better customer service. Fleet tracking systems offer real-time alerts on the status of company vehicles, helping you prevent theft and ensure employees follow the best driving practices. Many GPS tracking solutions can be custom-designed and tailored to suit your company’s specific needs.

Improve Operational Efficiency With Track Your Truck

Implementing a fleet management system is fast, easy and provides a wide variety of benefits to your company, employees and customers. If you’re interested in learning more about our advanced commercial fleet tracking systems, request a quote from Track Your Truck today.