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Managing Hidden Fleet Costs

Managing Hidden Fleet Costs

You know it costs money to operate a productive fleet, but are you doing everything you can to manage additional vehicle costs? It can be challenging to spot hidden costs because they’re often less obvious than initial vehicle prices, registration and regularly scheduled maintenance. 

Extra fuel costs, sudden repairs and poor driver behavior can impact your company’s performance and finances over time. That’s why we offer ways to improve your fleet safety and efficiency with GPS tracking solutions. 

Improve Fuel Costs

Fuel costs can add major expenses to your bill at the end of every month. Your drivers may add to these fuel expenses without even realizing it by speeding, spending too much time on idle or taking inefficient routes.

The good news is that Track Your Truck's tracking software has features designed to help reduce these concerns. With fleet management solutions, you can plan better routes, address speed issues and cut down on unnecessary idle time.

Monitor Driver Behavior

There was a time when business leaders had few options for monitoring driver behavior remotely. Today, all it takes is a computer and compatible tracking devices to manage multiple vehicles and employees from a distance. 

By keeping a close watch on driver behavior, you can easily identify which employees are implementing safe, cost-effective practices into their day. This will help you address potential issues early and prevent needless expenses.

Regular Vehicle Maintenance

Another way to improve safety with fleet management is to ensure that each vehicle receives its regularly scheduled maintenance. Preventive maintenance protects vehicles and drivers by maximizing energy-efficiency and reducing wear. Failure to properly support these vehicles throughout the year can lead to decreased productivity, costly damages and drops in overall value.

Track Your Truck uses maintenance reporting to make it easier for you to stay proactive when it comes to your vehicles' needs. This is an excellent way to keep your vehicles healthy while lowering the frequency of impromptu replacements or repairs.

Reduce Accidents With Safe Driving

Safe driving is critical to upholding your reputation and protecting drivers on the road. If you’re unsure how to improve your fleet's safety, start by making sure your at-risk drivers know the dangers. Tracking solutions can help you determine who some of those at-risk drivers are.

By monitoring your vehicles and drivers with Track Your Truck software, you can ensure that employees are engaging in safe habits. Gather and manage the information you need, and with it, you can improve driver behavior and reduce the risk of accidents.

Add Value to Your Business With Track Your Truck

The best way to manage hidden fleet costs is to implement methods that will minimize safety risks and maximize service efficiency. Track Your Truck adds value to your business by providing affordable, easy-to-use tracking devices and software. Contact us for a quote or demo today if you’re interested in learning more about how you can improve fleet safety with GPS tracking.

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