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Your vehicles are some of the most significant assets your company has. Trucks often transport valuable goods, and the vehicles themselves are often expensive. This equipment is costly to repair and replace, so it’s important to know where your vehicles are at all times. Stolen equipment can cost a lot in short-term damages and increase your insurance expenses in the long term.

At Track Your Truck, we offer GPS tracking for anti-theft to help prevent stolen vehicles and improve your chances of recovery if theft does occur. You can use this anti-theft vehicle tracker technology to keep track of all your equipment.

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How to Use a GPS Tracker to Prevent Theft

GPS trackers keep your equipment and its cargo traceable. With the anti-theft vehicle tracking device, you can see where it is at any time. Your company can take advantage of anti-theft GPS tracking by using it to:

  • See the location of your equipment: Keep track of where your vehicles are by seeing their locations in real time. Knowing the equipment’s location helps prevent theft.
  • Confirm rental periods: If your company is in the rental equipment business, you can use GPS tracking for anti-theft to ensure your customers use the equipment when they’re supposed to. For example, if your customer rents equipment for Friday and will return it Monday, GPS tracking can verify that the customer honored the agreement by only using the equipment on Friday.
  • Recover equipment: Anti-theft technology can help you locate equipment rentals that were not returned. Fleet management solutions give you location updates in real time so you can track down your equipment and return it to your shop.

Benefits of GPS Anti-Theft Tracking

Implementing a vehicle recovery system is crucial when you have a fleet of valuable equipment. GPS tracking for anti-theft purposes can help your company:

  • Stop theft: Anti-theft GPS trackers help prevent equipment from getting stolen. Since you can see its location, you’ll know where to find your vehicles. It can also deter thieves since they’ll be less likely to steal secure equipment.
  • Have a faster recovery process: Having a real-time location quickens the recovery process in the event of loss or theft. Equipment GPS anti-theft technology helps you find equipment if it’s not in the location you expect. The technology can also help you identify theft as it’s happening so you can alert law enforcement.
  • Minimize financial loss: If your vehicles are stolen, your company could lose thousands of dollars. Recovering your investment using its GPS location reduces your loss.
  • Maintain productivity: Lost equipment can harm your workflow and reduce productivity. With equipment GPS anti-theft technology, your team can keep track of the equipment they need to work as usual.

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How Does Anti-Theft Software for Equipment Work?

Our anti-theft equipment features a combination of hardware and software. The hardware is in a GPS tracking device that is hooked up to a port in the vehicle. You can access NetTrack GPS mapping software by using a computer to see location data.

The features of our anti-theft tracking solutions include:

  • Real-time location tracking: You can receive frequent location and status updates about each asset in your fleet. The real-time location data helps you identify theft and stop it so you can prevent financial and productivity losses. You can receive location alerts between 10 seconds and two minutes apart. See the locations of all your vehicles in the software interface.
  • Geofence alerts: You can set up a geofence based on a standard or customizable radius. If the equipment leaves the geofenced area, the anti-theft tracking system will deliver alerts so you can take action right away.
  • Inventory management: If your company has a large equipment fleet, it can be challenging to keep track of inventory. Our software makes it easier.

Equipment GPS Anti-Theft Software You Can Trust

Track Your Truck has intuitive GPS tracking solutions to address the security needs of many industries. When you partner with us for an equipment GPS anti-theft solution, you’ll gain:

  • Integration with your existing equipment management systems.
  • A 30-day, money-back guarantee on your order.
  • Reliable GPS units manufactured in the USA.
  • Insights from an experienced company with proven theft-prevention technologies.
  • A one-year warranty.
  • Dedicated technical support and customer service.
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