Ways GPS Tracking Benefits Employees

This article was published on: 06/23/21 by the Robert Hall

GPS fleet tracking software does more than streamline operations for the manager or business owner. In fact, it helps increase productivity for all your employees, including fleet drivers, by creating more seamless communication and reducing manual labor. 

The 7 Most Important GPS Tracking Employee Benefits

Here’s a look at the top seven benefits of GPS fleet tracking for your employees.

1. Reduce Paperwork

Automated tracking systems make it easy to gather important safety data, timesheet data and receipts to store for records and payments. No need to fill out and sort through lengthy paperwork. For example, you can easily compare employee time cards to the data of when vehicles started and stopped for the day.

Managing hand-written paperwork takes up time and leaves more room for error. GPS tracking takes care of the heavy lifting so your drivers and other employees can focus on more important tasks. Ultimately, fleet tracking is an efficient way to boost your productivity and profitability and meet your company’s specific operational needs.

2. Improve Driver Safety

Driver safety is a major priority for businesses that have mobile employees. Road safety risks can lead to accidents, financial losses and legal issues, which can impact your company and your drivers. Your team members want to feel safe on the road, and there are many ways to help enhance safety with vehicle monitoring solutions.

One of the greatest GPS tracking benefits for fleet drivers is the potential for increased safety. You can use fleet tracking solutions to monitor for poor driving behaviors such as speeding, hard braking and other risky actions. In addition, tracking enables you to reduce theft with location monitoring, keep vehicle maintenance up to date with customized alerts and collect company-wide safety data. 

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3. Decrease Vehicle Down-Time

Cars or trucks that spend every day on the road require regular maintenance. When left unchecked, wear and tear can build up over time and cause more serious issues. It’s important to ensure that your drivers do not become stranded due to a sudden vehicle failure or malfunction.

GPS tracking offers diagnostics and alerts to help you keep up with maintenance schedules and identify potential vehicle issues that need to be fixed. This insight reduces downtime and lowers the risk of a vehicle breaking down while your employee is fulfilling an important shipment or service. You can sign up to receive emails when it’s time to change the oil, rotate tires or perform other preventative maintenance tasks so your drivers can stay productive.

4. Increase Employee Accountability

GPS fleet tracking devices are an accurate, unambiguous source of detailed information. This technology reports only the facts. In addition to providing you with insights into unsafe driver behaviors behind the wheel, you’ll also get precise data regarding when your employees clocked in and out, how much time they spent on the road and how long they were at a work site.

The information you collect through GPS tracking will help you limit payroll disputes, so you can avoid potential conflicts between employees and fleet managers and improve workplace morale. You will also foster a sense of accountability that will strengthen your workplace culture, setting standards for honesty and integrity that will empower everyone and bring them closer together as a team.

5. Simplify Planning and Coordination

Adopting a GPS fleet tracking solution will help with planning and coordination whether you’re managing two vehicles, 200 or more. This technology provides you with a bird’s-eye view of your mobile workforce and fleet operations in real time. It also offers a list of historical insights that managers can use to create smarter driver schedules and more intelligent routes.

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The data you can access makes it easier for staff to monitor and manage daily vehicle utilization. You’ll also gain the benefit of faster responses when facing the unexpected. If you have an emergency, GPS tracking will show you where your closest vehicles are and where to locate specific drivers. This technology makes it easy to quickly decide who to send and how to route them there.

6. Boost Company Success

Using fleet tracking solutions to monitor your vehicles will help you take advantage of a wide range of valuable benefits, regardless of your company’s size or the industry you serve. These include tangibles and intangibles, like reduced overhead costs, improved customer satisfaction, a better public image and a more impressive bottom line.

At the basic level, most people want to work for a company that is doing well, takes good care of them and provides them with a healthy work environment. GPS fleet tracking technology will help you free the resources you need to deliver on those expectations and take care of the people who work hard to help your business succeed.

7. Provide More Support

One of the best GPS tracking employee benefits is the confident support you can provide in the event of customer complaints, traffic violations or compliance concerns. If a customer calls and claims a driver was late or didn’t arrive, your fleet tracking devices will tell you the truth. 

Knowing that you are ready and willing to go to bat — with evidence in hand — to keep their employee and driving records clear will go a long way in establishing loyalty in your drivers and team. It will also help you avoid having to pay out fines, provide extra training or penalize employees, helping you save money, gain more time and preserve your reputation.

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Add Value With Track Your Truck

If you’re wondering how employees can benefit from GPS tracking, consider the wide range of everyday conveniences and safety advantages. Advanced tracking solutions can ensure your operations continue to run smoothly while lowering overhead costs and improving your customer service. At Track Your Truck, our GPS vehicle tracking solutions will add value to your business while increasing the productivity of your employees.

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