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Fleet Tracking for Broadband Companies

Broadband companies such as cable and Internet service providers are constantly in motion. Employees travel to homes and businesses to install, repair and maintain networks. Whether you run a large or small broadband company, you may find it challenging to keep track of all your vehicles and assets while they’re out on the road.

At Track Your Truck, we offer cable company fleet management solutions. With our tracking software, you’ll have more power and control over your vehicles at all hours, wherever they are.


Why Broadband Companies Need GPS Fleet Tracking

Broadband companies do house calls and frequent deliveries to individuals and businesses. Having a GPS tracking solution for your commercial vehicles can help increase safety, improve productivity and preserve your company's reputation. Broadband companies that can benefit from fleet tracking include:

  • Telephone/Cable Companies: Telephone and cable company employees often do technical work on urban and rural wires and visit homes to set up network services. With a cable or telephone company fleet tracking solution, you can monitor your vehicles as they respond to calls and fix connections.
  • Wireless Network Providers: If you own a wireless network company, you can use GPS tracking to make sure your employees are reaching their productivity potential. Keep an eye on driving habits and vehicle whereabouts as your employees deliver wireless installation for homes and businesses.
  • Satellite Services: Satellite service providers often visit subscribers and install new systems and updates. GPS fleet tracking allows you to cut down on unauthorized use, monitor the time employees spend at delivery locations and keep your assets and drivers safe.

Benefits of Broadband GPS Tracking

  • Increased Efficiency: GPS automation solutions for cable companies enhance communication, coordination of routes and more. Learn how long it takes your employees to reach certain locations and how much time they spend there. Then, you can create more efficient routes and processes.
  • Speed Monitoring: Tracking allows you to monitor whether employees are following speed limits. For the safety and respectability of your business, it’s important to make sure your drivers are practicing good habits.
  • Idling Management: Idling, going off route and using company vehicles inappropriately can drive up fuel costs. Use tracking to reduce this type of employee behavior and cut fuel expenses.
  • Improved Customer Service: More efficient routes and faster service deliveries lead to happier customers. Having a cable company fleet tracking system will allow you to improve communication and develop a smoother customer experience.

Start Tracking Your Broadband Fleet

Cable services and other broadband companies can benefit from the integration of fleet management systems. Improve your business’s security and efficiency with our plug-in vehicle trackers. Contact us to request a quote today!

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