Floral Delivery System GPS Tracking

From baby showers and holidays to weddings and funerals, there’s a floral arrangement for almost every type of occasion. Your customers depend on you to deliver these floral arrangements to the proper destinations on time, and that’s why we’re here.

Fleet tracking services from Track Your Truck can help you ensure that your delivery vehicles are in the right place, day or night. With GPS vehicle tracking for florists, you can maximize delivery efficiency, prevent financial losses and more.


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Fleet Tracking Advantages for Florist Companies

It’s easy for floral arrangement deliveries to become bogged down with inconsistencies, which can have a negative impact on your revenue and customer service reputation. But GPS floral delivery systems can help eliminate some of those pesky issues, allowing you to focus more on enhancing the qualities that set your business apart. Many of our fleet tracking devices monitor location, driving habits and more. The hardwired trackers we offer even monitor temperature, which could come in handy for floral arrangements.

Some of the benefits of our tracking for floral transport delivery systems include that you can:

  • Predict and evade delays: Few things can slow down deliveries like road construction and heavy traffic delays. GPS tracking will allow you to find alternate routes when traffic delays occur so that your employees can reach their destinations more quickly. With tracking software, you’ll have more control over your drivers’ routes, which can keep deliveries on schedule and cut down on unexpected setbacks.
  • Keep track of employee whereabouts: Worried about the whereabouts of a late employee? GPS tracking for flower delivery systems will enable you to overcome this challenge entirely, as you’ll have almost constant access to company vehicle location updates. Whether an employee deviates from the route, gets stuck in traffic or breaks down somewhere, you’ll receive an update. Having this knowledge will give you the ability to identify an issue quickly and take steps to adapt to or fix it.
  • Recover stolen property: While we all do our best to minimize risks, theft is still a prevalent concern for business owners. Stolen vehicles can lead to significant downtime and financial losses, but with location updates from tracking software, you’ll be far more likely to recover the vehicle quickly if a theft does occur. As long as your vehicle is running, our best GPS trackers will update as often as every two minutes. In addition, they can send updates every four hours if the vehicle is turned off. With the help of this technology, your company may even be able to save thousands of dollars in damages.
  • Increase delivery time accuracy: If you’re a florist, your first priority is likely making sure customers receive beautiful, unique arrangements right on time. Coordination between drivers before and during deliveries can be fast and easy thanks to vehicle tracking devices for your flower transport system. With this technology, you’ll set up the most convenient routes on the map with our product and provide more accurate delivery time estimates. This change will make your employees’ lives easier while enhancing the customer experience.
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Track Your Truck Will Handle Your Floral Tracking Needs

Thanks to all these benefits, our vehicle tracking software for florist companies will provide you with a major competitive advantage in the florist industry. This technology is simple to use and install, making it the perfect solution for your team if you want to skip the major learning curve.

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