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Auto glass repair companies must be responsive to their customers’ needs. In many cases, operators can’t drive their vehicles until a broken windshield or window is repaired or replaced. Getting to the site quickly can result in higher customer satisfaction levels and help you earn more business. While many auto glass repair operations typically have several mobile units on the road, routing them quickly and efficiently can be a daunting challenge.

Track Your Truck offers easy-to-use auto repair fleet tracking solutions that can decrease response times and give your company an edge by improving customer service. Our GPS tracking and AutoGlass software will enable you to monitor your fleet at all times. Install the device inside your mobile units and allow the tracking software to deliver real-time vehicle location information to any web-enabled computer, smartphone or tablet.

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Why GPS Tracker for Windshield Replacemenet Companies?

Whether your fleet consists of a few or many mobile repair units, it helps to have GPS fleet tracking for auto glass replacement companies to monitor your vehicles. Installing these devices and our auto glass shop software can provide several valuable benefits, including the following.

Improved Customer Service

Our auto glass company vehicle tracking software will enable you to dispatch the closest unit when you’re responding to calls from drivers facing a window glass emergency. You can also provide more accurate arrival time estimates. You’ll demonstrate that you’re a reliable company customers can trust to be there quickly, and you’ll foster better relationships that will lead to repeat customers. Customers will also be more likely to refer their friends, neighbors and relatives to you, which will help your business grow.

Lower Fuel Costs

Fuel costs can mount quickly, especially for companies with multiple vehicles on the road. Our auto repair fleet tracking devices can send your drivers on the most efficient route, which can significantly reduce fuel consumption. They can also redirect drivers around road construction and traffic jams that could lead to excessive idling and wasted fuel. By providing data that can streamline your preventive maintenance practices, our GPS glass repair vehicle software can help make your fleet more fuel-efficient.

Monitor Employee Behavior

You can’t be with your drivers all the time while they’re on the road — so how can you be sure they’re driving safely? With vehicle tracking for car windshield repair companies, you’ll get more insight into driver patterns and behaviors. You’ll know if they’re driving too fast, braking too hard or driving carelessly. You can then take corrective measures that will improve their performance and possibly help to avoid a serious accident. Knowing that there’s monitoring software in the vehicle can also contribute to safer driving habits.

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Learn More About Track Your Truck’s Auto Glass Tracker Solutions

Get more details on how auto repair fleet tracking can improve your customer service, cut down on wasted fuel and promote better driver accountability. Contact us for more information and a no-obligation quote today. You can also click on the button below for a free auto glass business software demo.

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