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GPS Fleet Truck Tracking Systems

Tracking a company vehicle is simple if you have the right equipment and software. GPS truck tracking is increasingly more common as businesses and government agencies recognize the benefits, such as employee tracking and coordination of assets. A GPS truck tracking system works by allowing a fleet manager to observe vehicles remotely. Devices relay information to the company, which can then determine vehicle position, speed and direction of travel. Certain tracking devices, when paired with reliable software, can update frequently enough to provide a real-time picture of the situation on the ground.



  • Companies often cite employee monitoring as a key reason for using a truck tracking system
  • If a vehicle pauses for longer than necessary along its route, or if it takes a different route entirely, a fleet manager is immediately aware and can act to curb that unacceptable behavior
  • GPS truck tracking helps a business plan more efficient routes and communicate with others — both drivers and customers
  • With easy-to-use maps and real-time updates, a fleet manager or dispatcher gets a better sense of traffic patterns and route effectiveness

Vehicle Tracking Options

You have multiple options for tracking your fleet. An expert can help you decide what package would be best for your specific needs. Track Your Truck provides everything a company needs for accurate, reliable tracking. We use our own Web-based tracking software called NetTrack to provide a host of information necessary for keeping tabs on a single vehicle or an entire fleet. We also offer a number of tracking devices to meet the varying needs of our customers. At Track Your Truck, our professional product specialists work with you to determine the best tracking device for your business needs and goals.

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