Hidden Tracking Devices For Cars And Trucks

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Keeping your vehicles, employees and assets safe is a major priority when you run a business. That’s why you need Track Your Truck’s covert GPS vehicle tracking devices. You can monitor the hours and whereabouts of your drivers while they have your vehicles on the road. With 24-hour covert tracking, your business stays more secure, helping operations run more efficiently.

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What Is Covert GPS Tracking?

Covert tracking GPS software allows you to keep track of your vehicles without the knowledge of employees. You can implement discrete vehicle trackers for fleets by placing one device in each vehicle, then installing our software onto your computer or phone.

The covert vehicle tracking devices are discrete and easy to place so that drivers have no knowledge of them. Whatever the location of your drivers, you can gather performance data and ensure that vehicles stay on route.

One of our devices is the hardwired tracker, which fits behind the dashboard and out of sight.

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Why Use Covert GPS Tracking Devices?

Without reliable tracking management software, there are limits to your ability to keep employees safe and on task. With Track Your Truck’s covert tracking devices, you can monitor your trucks, cars or other commercial vehicles from almost any location.

Installing hidden GPS vehicle trackers prevents drivers from disabling your devices. You can receive real-time updates about location, driving behaviors and more on your phone or computer. Whether a vehicle has been sitting idle for too long or you suspect theft, covert trackers allow you to correct behavior and recover missing vehicles or assets faster.

Benefits of Covert Fleet Tracking

  • After-Hours Monitoring: With covert GPS tracking devices, you know where your vehicles are located at all hours — even when drivers are off the clock. This allows you to reduce unauthorized use and save on fuel costs. Hidden tracking devices for cars put you in control of your equipment, wherever it may be.
  • Employee Performance Tracking: Use hidden GPS vehicle tracking software to monitor how employees are performing, from their speed to how long it takes to transport and deliver. Performance tracking keeps you in the loop for every employee.
  • Increased Safety: It’s hard to recover a lost or stolen vehicle — but having the location at your fingertips allows you to take action quickly. With this information, law enforcement can help you find the vehicle, potentially saving you thousands of dollars.
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Covert GPS Tracking Devices and Reliable Support

Covert GPS vehicle tracking devices are easy to install and offer a new level of security and efficiency for your operations. Our support team will work with you to customize the solution that works best for your business. Contact us with questions or request a quote for a covert tracking management system today!

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