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Are My Employees Speeding?

Are My Employees Speeding?

One challenge that many trucking and service delivery businesses face is employee monitoring. How do you know whether your drivers are practicing safe and efficient habits? Could they be violating the rules of the road without your knowledge?

Speeding can compromise the safety of your fleet and decrease fuel efficiency for your business. That’s why many companies look for ways to reduce employee speeding with fleet tracking solutions. With a reliable fleet management system, you can become aware of speeding drivers and stop the behavior right away.

How to Track Fleet Speeding

There are many ways you can keep track of your driver speeds, including:

  • Use driver scorecards: Driver scorecards allow you to measure risky driving behavior through a tracking system. You can determine which drivers need additional training or discipline.
  • Set alerts: With tracking alerts, you’ll know each time a driver goes over a certain speed. Many GPS systems have features that monitor driver speeds relative to a set number or the current speed limit. 
  • Define speed limit zones: Tracking software allows you to define special speed limit zones. You can set boundaries around certain areas and get alerted when a driver moves in and out or exceeds a specific speed.
  • Plan better routes with a GPS tracking system: The efficiency of your routes can have a major impact on driver speed. You can use a GPS tracking system to plan, change and execute the best routes so your employees can safely reach their destinations on time.

How to Stop Speeding in Your Fleet

Once you know that there are speeding drivers in your fleet, how do you stop it from happening? A few ways to reduce employee speeding include:

  • Driver training: Employee education is one of the most important parts of keeping your operations safe and efficient. Making sure drivers understand the risks before hitting the road may help them think twice before speeding.
  • Incentives for safe driving: Encourage safe driving with positive reinforcement methods such as special benefits, bonuses or prizes. A little extra incentive can go a long way toward helping your team improve their driving habits.
  • Tell them their speed is being tracked: If all else fails, letting your employees know they’re being tracked for speed may help improve driving behavior. This could make a huge difference for employees who want to maintain excellent job performance.

Reduce Speeding in Your Fleet With Tracking Software

These are a few of the ways you can monitor and lower truck driver speeding within your business. When you operate a delivery service or trucking business, your priority is to uphold a positive reputation while keeping employees and other drivers safe. With the help of a new GPS tracking system, you can take more control over your fleet and encourage smarter driving behaviors.

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