Why Use GPS Tracking for Construction Equipment?

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Construction equipment is a valuable resource for your operations, and it’s important for managers and employees to track it. At Track Your Truck, we provide software to help you track your construction equipment any time, from any device. When you install construction equipment asset GPS tracking, you and your employees will reap a variety of benefits.

  • Reduce Fuel Costs: Unauthorized use, fuel purchases and idle running times can lead to fuel waste. Our tracking software allows you to keep watch on company equipment and receive reports of user habits. This ensures that you can put a stop to unauthorized behavior.
  • Pinpoint Location of Vehicles: With construction GPS tracking devices, you can find any vehicle within minutes. It's easy to monitor each piece of equipment and make sure it’s at the correct site. Managing vehicle location allows you to avoid overlap and miscommunication so employees can increase work speed.
  • Improve Billing Accuracy and Avoid Disputes: With the ability to track location and on-the-job use, you can record employee work hours so they receive the correct pay amounts. In the event of a payment dispute, you can refer to tracking records to justify billing decisions.
  • Help Recover Stolen Assets: When you place GPS tracking devices on your construction equipment, you can receive frequent updates with location data. If one of your vehicles is stolen, you will be notified shortly with the latest location update. If theft does occur, tracking software increases your chances of recovering the equipment.
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Ways to Improve ROI With Construction Equipment GPS Tracking Systems

Purchasing, fueling and powering construction vehicles comes at a high expense. Tracking technology can benefit your efficiency and ROI, allowing you to manage your equipment from one location. Less downtime from delays and miscommunication means faster project completion and more satisfied clients.

Stolen construction equipment can result in major financial losses. While insurance companies may help with some of the damage, imagine the money you could save by easily finding and recovering stolen property.

Why Track Your Truck Is the Trusted Name in Construction Equipment GPS Tracking Devices

Track Your Truck is known for providing tracking technology to a wide variety of industries. Our devices and software offer:

  • Durability: Our construction GPS tracking devices are reliable and will provide vehicle and equipment security years to come. Live GPS tracking and passive tracking devices offer the dependable service you need.
  • Ease of Use: With Track Your Truck software, simply mount the necessary tracking devices on your equipment, then log into your account on any desktop computer or download one of our mobile applications to your phone. Our programs are easy to navigate so that you can start integrating them right away.
  • Multiple Options: We offer multiple types of tracking to ensure you find the solution you need. Our main options include real-time tracking, which provides near-constant updates, and passive tracking, which sends a few updates a day. Construction companies often benefit from live GPS tracking options such as our hardwired vehicle trackers, which provide 24-hour location data and monitor user habits, as well as Trailer trackers which can be utilized on both trailers and construction equipment.

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