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Fleet Tracking App

NetTrack Fleet Tracking App for On-the-Go Fleet Management

When your company's success depends on the safe and efficient operation of commercial vehicles, it's critical to have the tools required to monitor and manage your fleet. Track Your Truck customers use the NetTrack fleet tracking app to track assets while in use. You can view activities in real-time and collect a broad range of valuable data. Our powerful fleet management app is available for free download on your Android and Apple devices.

When connected to your vehicle GPS trackers, our vehicle tracking app sends comprehensive tracking information right to your fingertips — anytime, anywhere. Your vehicles don’t stop when you’re out of the office, and your fleet tracking shouldn’t, either. From the most intuitive mapping technology to advanced reporting tools and exclusive mobile alerts, the NetTrack truck tracking app helps keep your operation on track and a mile ahead of the competition.

Download the free NetTrack mobile app now.

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Additional Benefits of Using the NetTrack Fleet Tracking App

Our mobile fleet management app allows fleet managers and business owners to keep their fingers on the pulse of their fleets from anywhere. It offers many of the same useful features available on the desktop tracking version. From your mobile device or tablet, you can access features such as:

  • Location verification: NetTrack leaves the days of wondering where your vehicles are in the rearview mirror. Our truck tracking app keeps you connected and informed of a truck's location, so you can verify if assets are available, shipments have arrived and drivers are following the appropriate routes.
  • Vehicle status: Identifying issues with your vehicles or equipment early increases up-time and helps you avoid more significant problems and repairs. Using the live activity feed, reporting tool and map replay directly from your device, you can ensure your vehicles are working correctly and on schedule.
  • Vehicle overview: Improve your ability to manage your fleet efficiently with a snapshot of where your trucks are at any given time. You can gauge how close trucks are to each other and which are nearest to pickup and delivery locations.

Who Can Benefit From a Fleet Management App?

Most small and medium business owners are incredibly hands-on in their companies. They often have irregular schedules and put in a crazy amount of hours while also somehow finding time for a personal life. No matter the industry, these professionals are often out in the field themselves. They wear the dual hats of managing their employees and serving customers with their own two hands. For any business with a small fleet, whether it's for delivering products, carrying work tools or transporting sales professionals, that means being on the road.

If you're the type of manager or business owner who is always on the go, picking up shifts or personally handling service for your VIP customers, you need your fleet tracking software to come with you. Likewise, if your business is expanding to a second or third location, or even more, you might be working from a different office each day.

Business owners and fleet managers alike need to be ready for anything, even when they're out of the office. The good news about our fleet tracking app is that it allows you to configure your own alerts. You can find out about a vehicle collision or suspicious idle time without staying glued to your work computer.

When you use the Track Your Truck system, you can access data wherever you need it using our trusty, easy-to-use companion app. When you're in the office and ready to dig deep into the details, you have a full suite of features on the desktop application. And you always have the real-time information and visibility you need most right in your pocket. Our app can notify you of up to 45 types of incidents in real-time using text and email alerts.

Our mobile app is ideal for small and mid-sized businesses and fleet managers working with small fleets of work trucks and delivery vehicles. We serve many industries, including:

  • Electric and contracting
  • Auto glass repair and roadside assistance
  • Garbage, utilities and public works
  • Oil and gas services
  • Plumbing companies
  • Service and delivery fleets
  • Bakeries
  • Florists
  • Landscapers
  • Mobile sales teams

More Ways to Use Our Vehicle Tracking App

When you have live updates in the palm of your hand, you can improve your fleet management in many ways. With all the functionality available through the mobile app, the sky is the limit. The data available through our vehicle tracking app empowers you to:

1. Respond to Safety Incidents

If one of your fleet drivers experiences a collision or other safety incident, you need the ability to act fast. If you're on the road, with a client or out of the office while a collision occurs, you might not hear about an accident right away.

With the NetTrack mobile app, you get instant alerts in the event of a vehicle accident and can intervene immediately. With access to the right information on the go, you can instantly provide evidence of where the vehicle was during the time of the collision, and if the driver accelerated or braked safely. You can use these data points to exonerate your innocent employees after an accident occurs.

You can also track alerts for various unsafe driving behaviors, so you can intervene in real time and prevent potential accidents. Our GPS tracking technology can catch trucks traveling above your predetermined speed limit, hard braking, sharp cornering, short accelerating and even illegal driving moves. Because our app sends you these alerts in real time, you can jump on a call with the driver, discuss the incident and possibly prevent an accident altogether. You can also get live alerts about truck conditions and intervene before a truck in need of maintenance gets on the road.

2. Improve Customer Service

If you have customers waiting for a delivery or service technician to arrive, efficient driving is essential. In the digital age, customers have high expectations for reliability, so your trucks need to arrive when they're scheduled. When your drivers know you're always watching, even from your phone, they're motivated to leave and arrive on-time.

You can receive live alerts when vehicles leave their starting point and reach their destination. If an arrival or leave point gets missed, you'll know instantly and can intervene from anywhere. By tracking performance by driver or vehicle, you can see who can balance efficiency and safety and who is missing the mark. You can use this information to improve your delivery speeds over time, so you're always meeting your customers' expectations.

You can even add a function for a customer map integration, so they can track their own drivers while they wait, from their mobile phones.

3. Decrease Downtime

You could be losing anywhere from $448 to $760 for every day one of your work trucks is out of service. When a vehicle breaks down or is unsafe to drive, you need to know about it as soon as possible to get it fixed quickly and back on the road. Our mobile app can give you live alerts when one of your vehicles has surpassed its service interval, so you can get it to the shop before something major happens.

You'll also receive alerts for urgent maintenance issues in real time. If a vehicle is on the road when a high-risk vehicle fault code comes on, you can get in touch with a driver and outline the next steps to get the truck safely to your service garage. The sooner you intervene, the less likely you are to experience downtime related to a major accident or a total breakdown.

Our mobile app can also notify you of other forms of downtime. You can keep tabs on unnecessary idle time or when your tracker hasn't picked up any activity after a set number of hours. This feature keeps your drivers focused on their tasks and allows you to identify clients who take up too much of your drivers' time. You can reduce this unproductive downtime and intervene when one of your trucks seems to be wasting time and fuel.

Cutting-Edge Fleet Management With the NetTrack Mobile App

At Track Your Truck, we provide mobile fleet management solutions for fleets of all sizes and vehicles from sedans to trailers. As leaders in GPS tracking technology, we're always working to improve and expand our capabilities. We build long-term client relationships by offering superior quality products along with the best customer service and live support in the industry.

Stop wondering what's going on with your vehicles when they're on the road and start managing your fleet to its full potential. Download the free NetTrack mobile app for fleet managers today, and get in touch if you have any questions or wish to speak with a live representative.

Contact us at 888-434-3848 or reach out to us online to request a quote today.

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