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fleet management mobile app for on the go tracking

Truck Tracking App - NetTrack

On-the-Go Fleet Tracking

When the success of your business depends on the safe and efficient operation of commercial vehicles, it's critical to have the tools required to monitor and manage your fleet. Track Your Truck customers use the NetTrack mobile app to track assets while in use. You're able to view activities in real-time and collect a broad range of valuable data. Our powerful GPS mobile fleet management app is available for free download on your Android and Apple phones and tablets.

Our fleet management mobile app sends comprehensive tracking information right to your fingertips — anytime, anywhere. Your vehicles don’t stop when you’re out of the office and your fleet tracking shouldn’t, either. From the most intuitive mapping technology to advanced reporting tools and exclusive mobile alerts, the NetTrack mobile app for fleet management helps keep your operation on track and a mile ahead of the competition.

Download the free NetTrack mobile app now:

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fleet management app on apple app store


Additional benefits of using the NetTrack fleet management mobile app include:

  • Location Verification - NetTrack leaves the days of having to wonder if your vehicles are where they are supposed to be in the rear view mirror. Our mobile app keeps you connected and informed of a truck's location, so you can verify if assets are available, shipments were made and if drivers are following the appropriate routes.
  • Vehicle Status - Identifying issues with your vehicles or equipment early increases up-time and helps you avoid more significant problems and repairs. Using the live activity feed, reporting tool and map reply all directly from the mobile app, you can ensure your vehicles are working correctly and on schedule.
  • Vehicle Overview - Improve your ability to manage your fleet efficiently with a snapshot overview of where all your vehicles are at any given time. You can gauge how close in proximity trucks are to each other and which are nearest to pickup and delivery locations.

Cutting-Edge Fleet Management With the NetTrack Mobile App

At Track Your Truck, we provide mobile fleet management solutions for all different sizes and types of commercial fleets. As leaders in GPS tracking technology, we're always working to improve and expand our capabilities. Our focus is to build long-term client relationships by offering superior quality products along with the best customer service and live support in the industry.

Stop wondering what's going on with your vehicles when they're on the road and start managing your fleet to its fullest potential. Download the free NetTrack mobile app for fleet managers today, and get in touch if you have any questions or wish to speak with a live representative.

Contact us at 888-434-3848 or reach out to us online to request a quote today.

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