Snow Plow GPS Tracking

This article was published on: 04/1/16 by the Robert Hall

When a winter storm hits, keeping track of the location of your snow plow vehicles is an important part of managing a fleet of plows. GPS vehicle tracking makes it easier for fleet managers in charge of plows to do their jobs. With real-time speed and location updates, as well as historical data showing what has already been plowed, you will be able to manage all of the plow trucks in your fleet from one interface, allowing you to deliver exceptional customer service — even in the heaviest of winter storms.

How GPS Tracking Systems Benefit Snow Plows

GPS systems with heavy equipment tracking capabilities, like Track Your Truck, provide fleet managers with real-time data about the location, direction of travel, speed and driver behavior for all equipment in the fleet. When you know where your plows are, what direction they are heading and how long it should take to arrive at their destination, you can more effectively dispatch plows to the next desired location. You can also use the system to see where your vehicles have recently been, preventing any overlaps in vehicle dispatching. All of this adds up to greater routing efficiency and improved customer service.

Improved Safety

Getting a clear picture of what your drivers are doing behind the wheel is one of the best steps you can take toward improving snow plow fleet safety. You’ll see data like driver speed and braking behavior, giving you the information you need to provide targeted training for better incident avoidance. If there is an accident, you’ll have information that supports whether your drivers were doing the right thing.

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More Visibility

In addition to getting a deeper look at driver behaviors, you will also be able to see where your fleet vehicles are in real time. Thanks to cloud connectivity, it’s easy to see details like how fast they’re going, where they’ve been and what direction they’re headed in. You can use these insights to determine accurate start and completion times and help plow drivers navigate unexpected road closures and avoid inclement weather.

Increased Fuel Efficiency

Snow plow GPS tracking is a tool you can use to significantly improve fleet fuel efficiency. Comparing past route data to see where you can shave unnecessary miles will reduce how much fuel your trucks burn. You can also see if your drivers are accelerating too hard, speeding or spending excessive engine idle time, helping cut back on fuel consumption even more — then track the impact of your decisions.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

Using snow plow tracking devices will also help you lower your fleet maintenance costs. Driver behaviors impact much more than safety. Hard braking and unnecessary acceleration shorten vehicle maintenance cycles and increase the chances of component failure. You can also shave off excess mileage through route management, helping to place less overall demand on your fleet vehicles and extend their useful life.

Better Fleet Utilization

Over time, your snow plow fleet tracking devices will gather a wealth of data. You can summarize the information in a customized, comprehensive report that shows exact details like the total number of hours your plows worked, the number of hours they spent idling and the number of hours they spent on the move. You can make and track changes that will help you clear more snow using the same resources.

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Faster Fleet Organization

Snowstorms tend to hit fast and hard. The sooner you can get your plows on the road, the sooner the city can overcome the snowfall. Snow plow GPS tracking devices are your dispatcher’s best friend. You’ll gain an eagle-eye view over your entire fleet, allowing you to direct your trucks where they’re needed most, so your drivers can focus on clearing the roads fast.

Better Customer Service

One of the most important advantages you gain using snow plow tracking devices is the ability to deliver a better customer experience. You can leverage the real-time and historical insights you collect to give precise service windows and keep customers in the loop with up-to-the-moment updates if things change. You will also know exactly how much time your trucks spent on location for superior invoicing accuracy.

Remove the Stress and Hassle of Managing Snow Plows With Real-Time Tracking Data

Large snow plow fleets that manage the snow removal for cities have a responsibility to ensure that streets are kept clear for drivers, regardless of the weather. Sometimes this means re-plowing a street every few hours. Managing that workload with a limited number of trucks is challenging, but GPS tracking allows the fleet manager to systemize the routes in order to use trucks as resourcefully as possible, while at the same time ensuring that the contract is fulfilled and the streets are safe.

What Tracking Options Exist for Snow Plow Fleets?

Track Your Truck provides fleets, of all sizes, with customized fleet tracking options that contain all of the information and features a fleet needs. We offer cellular, passive and satellite tracking, personalizing a solution that meets your needs and conforms well to your location. Each system provides real-time information about vehicles while they are on the job. Advanced options will allow you to monitor driver behavior, when necessary. All of this data is delivered via a personalized interface that you can log into on any Internet-connected device.

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Trust Track Your Truck for Tracking Systems Ideal for Snow Plow Fleets

Tracking your fleet with Track Your Truck is simple. Our systems come to your location fully tested and activated. To use, simply install in your vehicle and log into your personal interface. You will have instant access to vehicle tracking data, vehicle location information and other features of the system personalized for your business.

Our quality hardware and systems are designed to provide a high value at a lower cost with a commitment to customer support. If you are interested in seeing the benefits of fleet tracking for yourself, contact Track Your Truck today for a free quote.