GPS Fleet Tracking Comparison

This article was published on: 12/9/20 by the Robert Hall

01 GPS Fleet Tracking Comparison

GPS fleet tracking services are essential for vehicle-driven businesses that need to track their assets. The trucking industrycar rental sector and small businesses with fleets of work trucks can all benefit from GPS tracking technology. They can use it to keep an eye on driver performances and locate vehicles and equipment for service. In fact, companies save an average of $51,000 a year by using fleet management software to improve productivity, safety and customer service. 

The demand for GPS fleet tracking has generated many GPS tracking service options. It’s important to know how to compare GPS fleet tracking services to make an informed selection. Below are some of the most significant factors to consider when comparing GPS fleet tracking services:

1. Tracking Software

The purpose of GPS tracking software is to collect information about your fleet. How that info is presented and how users can interact with it is just as important. While a GPS tracking service may collect quality info about fleet vehicles, that info is useless if it is difficult to understand or access through the tracking software. Consider the following points when assessing different GPS tracking options:

  • Can you easily navigate to the information you would want to see regularly?
  • How easily can you understand the data as it is presented through the interface?
  • Can you quickly identify points of improvement by observing the presented data?
  • Does the interface present any insights through analysis?
  • How many people can use the interface?

Try to look for tracking software that is easy to use and understand, preferably with reports that deliver meaningful and actionable insights. Track Your Truck’s software solution is easy to use and fully functional, with multiple logins, data restriction options and valuable report options.

2. Alerts and Notifications

You need to be able to identify when something goes wrong quickly. This means that alerts and notifications are essential. Consider the following when assessing the alert and notification functions of GPS tracking solutions:

  • Does the provider enable text alerts or push notifications?
  • Are alerts and notifications easily customizable?
  • What types of alerts and notifications are available?

3. User Mobility Options

Mobile accessibility to your fleet tracking tools are now a minimum expectation for GPS tracking solutions. The capabilities of these mobile portals vary widely between providers. Ask the following when comparing the mobile functions of GPS tracking software:

  • Is the mobile version an app or a browser portal?
  • How user friendly is the mobile version?
  • Can you see as much information on the mobile version as you can on the desktop platform?
  • If there is a difference in the accessibility of the information, what are the differences and how important are they?

The best mobile fleet tracking solutions offer an easy-to-use browser that allows you to see as much information as possible. While it is common for mobile versions to limit the information presented to the essentials, including alerts and notifications, be sure the options you’re considering offer the key insights you will need to access on the go. Track Your Truck offers convenient access to your fleet’s details through easy-to-use mobile applications available through the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

4. Device Options

One of the biggest differences between low-end and high-end GPS fleet tracking providers is the range of devices available. Some companies sell themselves as offering “free devices,” but only offer one device — usually a plug-in on-board diagnostic (OBD) II device. Unfortunately, this option is not viable if the vehicles to be tracked don’t have an OBD port or if your company is concerned about the device being removed.

Instead of looking for companies offering free devices, ask the following questions:

  • What devices are available?
  • Are there options for vehicles without OBD ports?
  • How easy to remove are the devices? 
  • Are installation services available if needed?
02 Customer Service

5. Customer Service

Customer service is something companies may not consider during the purchasing process, but it’s important to know that you’ll be supported when something goes wrong. Consider these questions when asking about potential service providers’ customer service:

  • What is the process for contacting customer service?
  • What is the typical wait time for customer service calls or queries?
  • When is the customer service team available, and do their hours match up with your company’s needs?
  • Are there troubleshooting resources available to customers?
  • What do current and former customers say about their customer service?

Always look for providers with a customer-focused attitude and well-rated customer service teams. Individualized support, such as that offered by Track Your Truck’s internal support team, is always preferable. Track Your Truck also offers a customer service site with videos and training materials.

6. Software Team

The company’s software team is just as important as the customer service team, but customers may overlook it during the purchasing process. Software teams are important to consider when there’s an application glitch. Ask these questions to evaluate a provider’s software team:

  • Is the app software team in-house or outsourced?
  • How often is the software updated?
  • If there is a mobile app, how often is the app updated?
  • How quickly can the team add new features?
  • What software issues have occurred in the past, and how did the team handle them?

Look for companies with software teams that regularly update the software and associated apps. These teams tend to be much more responsive when glitches occur and regularly update the application with new features. For example, Track Your Truck has in-house systems engineers to ensure platform compatibility for browsers, API and apps are met. 

7. Storage and Backup Options

  • How long is historical information stored?
  • If information is stored long term, how is it backed up and protected?
  • How easy is it to access historical data?

Most providers will store info for a limited time, so keep your preferences in mind when asking these questions. The best providers will store info for a full year or more, enabling companies to use the data for financial reporting, employee evaluations and other purposes. Track Your Truck offers 125-day storage with a free upgrade to 365-day storage if requested. If you need key info for longer than that, we also offer longer-term storage for an additional fee.

8. Monthly Prices

One of the final aspects to consider when comparing GPS fleet tracking options is the price. Many companies consider price first when comparing options. It’s important to remember that lower prices often mean less functionality, and you may miss out on essential, cost-saving functions when you go for the cheapest options first. 

Instead, focus on the value-adding functions and services important to your company and narrow your options to providers that offer them before considering the price. Keep in mind 45% of fleets using GPS fleet tracking software achieve a positive return on investment within 11 months of implementation.

03 Learn More About Track Your Truck

Learn More About Track Your Truck

There are many factors to consider in a GPS fleet tracking comparison, and companies need to analyze how specific features and services will fit their needs and preferences. If you’re looking for a GPS fleet tracking service that offers high-quality functionality and industry-leading support, add Track Your Truck to your list. 

Track Your Truck provides advanced GPS vehicle tracking backed by accurate and user-friendly desktop and mobile applications. Combined with top-quality customer service and a range of customization options, Track Your Truck offers a complete vehicle tracking solution that helps you maximize productivity, streamline operations, reduce costs and improve customer service.

Learn more about Track Your Truck today by giving us a call at 812-461-6548 or by requesting a quote.