Analyze Your Vehicle Tracking Reports

This article was published on: 03/1/16 by the Robert Hall

How are you utilizing your fleet tracking system? If you are simply tracking and monitoring vehicles, you are missing out on a tremendous asset at your disposal. An excellent reporting system is included with Track Your Truck’s fleet tracking system. With proper analysis, these reports can help your fleet run as efficiently as possible, putting more money into your pocket.

What Your Reports Can Show

What can you learn from vehicle tracking reports? The answer may surprise you. Modern fleet tracking systems provide more than just route data. They can provide data such as:

  • Point activity — See how long a vehicle was at each location to determine if drivers are being productive while on the job.
  • Vehicle overview — See activity overviews for each vehicle in your fleet to monitor productivity and activities.
    • Mileage and operating time totals
    • Mileage by state for over the road vehicles
    • Excessive stop or standstill times outside of an identified point
    • Start and end times each day for shift work
  • Maintenance reports — See when required maintenance is due and what maintenance has been performed.
  • Fuel mileage report: Get an estimate of the fuel usage by vehicle for a specified period of time
  • Current and historical performance — These reports allow you to compare current performance to past performance to determine how your vehicles are really performing.
  • Driver behavior — Monitor and control driver behavior with these reports. Know whether any of your drivers are harsh braking, turning or accelerating.
  • Error alerts (Main power disconnect, illegal move)—Be alerted to the need for preventative maintenance of your vehicles or to deliberate tampering of your equipment

This is just a sampling of the data you receive from your tracking system. At Track Your Truck, we provide a fully customizable reporting system that can be modified to your business’s specific needs. In other words, we generate the data that your business needs to operate as efficiently as possible. If you are not already utilizing this information, you are missing valuable insights into the efficiencies or inefficiencies of your fleet.

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How to Best Utilize Your Data

Fleet management reporting is only valuable if it is used properly. GPS vehicle tracking reports need to be analyzed and utilized properly to get the full value out of your software and system. First, consider comparing historical to current data. If new data differs greatly from historical reports, you may have an issue that needs to be addressed. Comparing these two pieces of data will help you make the proper adjustments to ensure your vehicles are operating at peak efficiency.

Your reports can also give you insights into driver behaviors that need to be corrected. Lengthy stops at points of delivery or service calls could mean that your drivers are not working as efficiently as possible. Vehicles left running while stopped can mean wasted fuel due to unnecessary idling. Your reports can give you the data you need to dig a little deeper and determine if you have a problem.

Get Reports Automatically

When you use Track Your Truck for your GPS fleet tracking, you can benefit from automatic reporting and exporting. Have your reports emailed to you in a convenient format so you can begin analyzing instantly, never having to remember to print or download the report. The system does it for you automatically.

Customize Your GPS Vehicle Tracking Reports Today

Are you ready to get the most out of your tracking reports? Contact Track Your Truck today to discuss our reporting. If you are not already utilizing a tracking system, we can provide you with a free quote for our tailored product. Start making the most out of your tracking efforts with customized tracking reports.

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