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Find out what’s happening in the fleet tracking
industry and what it means for your company.

Stolen Vehicle Recovery and GPS Tracking Systems

Your vehicles are some of your company’s most valuable assets. Ideally, these are reliable machines that allow your employees to carry tools, equipment or other passengers from place to place. They’re also expensive to replace, which is why...

Why Monitor Hard Braking or Acceleration?

Fleet tracking has become a great asset to companies around the world. As technology develops, mobile businesses are finding new ways to increase efficiency, enhance perfo...

Lower Insurance Costs With GPS Fleet Tracking

Insurance is essential for companies with mobile employees. While insurance can be a big expense, you still need coverage to protect your business and your workers in the case of an accident or claim. The good news is you can often lower insurance cost...

How GPS Tracking Saves You Time

If there’s anything that being in a high-demand business teaches you, it’s that time is money. We know you’re constantly working to make your strategies more agile and more effective so you can keep your business moving. 



Dozens of industries trust field employees every day to make deliveries, service customers at their homes or businesses, or work across multiple job sites — sometimes all of the above. Vehicle tracking is the way to keep these remote employe...

How to Avoid Driver Privacy Concerns With Vehicle Tracking Software

Privacy is everyone’s right. It’s vital to so many people, and one of the best ways to show that you respect someone you work with is to give them this expression of trust. Meanwhile, developing technology in business has brought new fleet...

AI for Fleet Management

Commercial fleets rely more on modern technology today than ever before. Trucking fleets, delivery companies and transportation providers need high-quality fleet management strategies to protect their workers and assets. 

A rising trend in...


As a business owner or fleet manager, vehicle telematics can help you transform your fleet into a safer, more efficient operation. It can also empower you with the data you need to make better decisions about your business and provide your customers wi...

Why GPS Tracking Is the Best Solution for Your Outside Sales Team

Outside sales have become more competitive than ever thanks to the increasing use of data technology in everyday operations. Many business leaders are now using a variety of fleet management strategies to improve accuracy and efficiency on the job. So...


Distracted driving can affect anyone behind the wheel of a vehicle. If you operate a fleet, it can present risks to your business’s finances, reputation and driver safety. Why take the chance when you have the power to reduce distracted driv...

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