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industry and what it means for your company.

Why GPS Tracking Is the Best Solution for Your Outside Sales Team

Outside sales have become more competitive than ever thanks to the increasing use of data technology in everyday operations. Many business leaders are now using a variety of fleet management strategies to improve accuracy and efficiency on the job. So...


Distracted driving can affect anyone behind the wheel of a vehicle. If you operate a fleet, it can present risks to your business’s finances, reputation and driver safety. Why take the chance when you have the power to reduce distracted driv...

Enhance EMS Vehicle Management With Ambulance Fleet Tracking

Operating an EMS fleet is a major responsibility. First responders have to be able to reach their patients quickly and safely despite the unknown variables on the road. As a result, many EMS workers operating today turn to ambulance fleet tracking solu...

5 Telematics Capabilities That Can Transform Your Fleet

Managing a delivery or trucking fleet means finding ways to control multiple vehicles and routes at once. The rise of tracking technology has made this easier than ever before, allowing fleet managers to monitor their drivers from almost anywhere at an...

Fleet Tracking Myths Busted

Fleet tracking technology has become widespread among trucking, delivery and service companies. GPS tracking solutions have transformed many small and medium-sized businesses, but there are still a few misconceptions about fleet management softwar...

How Your Employees Benefit From GPS Tracking

GPS fleet tracking software does more than streamline operations for the manager or business owner. In fact, it helps increase productivity for all your employees, including fleet drivers, by creating more seamless communication and reducing...

How Does Live GPS Tracking Work?

If your business operates with a fleet of multiple vehicles, you need a way to keep track of them during and after work hours. With a live GPS tracking unit and system, it’s possible to...

Improve Your Fleet Safety

Maintaining the safety of your fleet is a crucial part of operating a successful service or delivery business. Reckless driving by your employees can hurt your business’s reputation, cause major financial losses and pose risks to other drivers on...

Managing Hidden Fleet Costs

You know it costs money to operate a productive fleet, but are you doing everything you can to manage additional vehicle costs? It can be challenging to spot hidden costs because they’re often less obvious than initial vehicle prices, registratio...

Ways to Save on Your Fleet's Fuel Costs

Fuel is a necessary expense for service, delivery and trucking companies. These expenses can add up fast when you’re constantly managing multiple vehicles and employees, so it’s important to find ways to reduce fleet fuel costs. Having a so...

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