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Find out what’s happening in the fleet tracking
industry and what it means for your company.

A person standing in front of an RV on a trip

When managing a recreational vehicle rental service, your equipment is your greatest asset. Yet in this catch-22, every time you rent an RV, you risk losing your biggest investment. To protect your assets, consider the benefits of GPS tracking systems...

Vehicles driving through a storm

As a fleet manager, keeping your fleet and drivers safe is a top priority. When it comes to risks on the road, weather is one of the biggest. Each year, approximately 22 percent of crashes (about 1.3 million) are weather-related.

During Hurrica...

A History Of Fleet Telematics

A fleet telematics system is a form of technology that transmits data from commercial trucks to another party. Examples of fleet telematics currently in use include satellite freight tracking, vehicle tracking and electronic logging devices. While this...

A construction site with heavy equipment in the dirt

Construction equipment and other assets are a huge part of your company’s budget, so you need to know that you are getting the best possible use out of every piece of equipment in your fleet. Heavy equipment tracking helps you protect your assets from...

Hidden tracking device in a car

The vehicles in your organization’s fleet are some of your most important assets. Chances are, you would have to drastically change the scope and methods of your operations if you didn’t have these vehicles at your disposal. Surely, such a vital compon...

A ground view looking up at a sky scraper

Your responsibility to ensure that taxpayers get the most out of their dollars includes the careful management of your fleet of vehicles. To that end, you have a mandate to curb overtime costs, bolster safety, use fuel wisely and make sure that your em...

A landscaping vehicle outside

You know your landscaping company inside and out and can instantly quote how long it will take a given size crew to work at any particular job site, which is essential for improving your margins. At the same time, you have an idea that you could boost...

GPS tracking device

At Track Your Truck, we have a wide range of GPS tracking systems designed to help our customers manage their fleets’ needs. From live and passive options to simple trailer tracking and robust fleet systems, our devices will serve a wide range of fleet...

A construction truck

Managing a fleet of construction vehicles and equipment can be overwhelming. Not only are you tasked with tracking maintenance and use, but you also need to manage equipment across multiple job sites, often in very different geographic locations. Track...


GPS tracking can be a controversial topic for modern fleets. On one hand, the benefits are well substantiated and extensive, which leads fleet managers to move forward with purchasing the system. On the other hand, some team members may object to the c...

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