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It's becoming increasingly difficult to find commercial vehicles that are not equipped with GPS navigation systems. However, most people can attest to the fact that many GPS systems are not entirely accurate. If you have ever found yourself driving on...


How effectively is your fleet using its fleet management software? Are you getting as much return on investment as you expected after purchasing your system? If you feel that your system could be bringing a better return, take a closer look at how you...


Tracking your fleet carries significant benefits, both in security and in money savings, but when you are ready to make a purchase of fleet tracking software, finding the right one is not always straightforward. With so many features, packages and syst...


Auxiliary power units (APUs) can help limit fuel use by eliminating the need to run the engine on idle while parked, yet still allowing the driver to enjoy the vehicle's comfort systems during rest stops. However, APUs can cause a problem for truckers...,

APU Exemption Guide

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How tired are your drivers? Fatigue is a reality for over-the-road trucking, and even people who drive local trucks and service vehicles can get tired, but fleet managers need to realize the safety risk associated with tired drivers. If your drivers a...


While you would likely not consider running a business without insurance to protect your assets from a fire or natural disaster, studies have found that assets have twice as much risk of theft than serious damage in a disaster. In fact, the National Cr...


Do your drivers think that idling is not a big deal? Have they said, "it's just a few minutes" when they return to the office to grab something they forgot, and leave the truck in idle? All of those minutes running the engine without productive activit...


For many industries, spring is a time when services, like landscape and construction, come back to life after a slow winter season, and your business needs to meet the demands of your customers in record time. This is also a great opportunity to invest...


GPS vehicle tracking can be the ideal solution to fleet management concerns. These systems provide real-time information about vehicle location, driver behavior and fleet productivity. Fleet managers can use...


Summer is coming, and with it will come hot weather and new hazards for your trucks and your drivers. While you won’t deal with icy roads and salt trucks, you may be dealing with overheating vehicles. Engines produce plenty of heat on their own, and wh...