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GPS Tracking for Delivery Vehicles

In today’s fast-paced, high-tech market, your customers expect quality service consistently with on time deliveries. Here are all the reasons Track Your Truck is your solution:

  • At Track Your Truck, our delivery and service vehicle tracking software offers functionality that allows you to locate the closest vehicle to a specific destination for faster pickups and deliveries.
  • Our GPS delivery vehicle tracking software and enhanced real-time reporting offers speed, location and heading of vehicles, allowing you to track and manage your employees’ detailed movements — reducing idle time and late arrivals.
  • Track Your Truck GPS tracking units have been certified and tested by top carrier networks, ensuring quality compliance and performance.
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Easy Setup and Startup, with Real Customer Service

Track Your Truck’s GPS fleet management system comes tested, activated and ready to use! All you have to do is open the box, install or, in some cases, plug in the unit and begin tracking your vehicles.

Benefits of Tracking Delivery Vehicles with GPS

Real-Time Tracking

With real-time tracking capabilities, GPS tracking from Track Your Truck gives you the tools to respond instantly, updating customers about arrival delays, routing drivers around traffic concerns, and dispatching the closest vehicle, when possible, to the proper location.

Whether you are managing a fleet of delivery vehicles or a team of drivers in service vehicles, your customers have the same desire. They want to know when the driver will arrive at their location and they want to trust that the driver’s arrival will be on time. Using the right vehicle tracking system, you can provide that exact service.

Tracking and Reporting Capabilities

Track Your Truck's GPS delivery truck tracking systems provide tracking and reporting capabilities that work well for both service and delivery vehicles, helping you provide gold standard customer service — while lowering costs. Outstanding customer service translates into more business and an improved bottom line.

When you know the “where” and “when” of your vehicles’ locations, you can better manage your services and employees for improved and efficient business operations. Track your vehicles efficiently and effectively using the right GPS tracking system from Track Your Truck.

We Provide The GPS Tracking Solution Need

At Track Your Truck, we are committed to matching your business with the right system, allowing you to improve service, increase revenue and reduce cost. If you have questions regarding which of our fleet management systems is right for you, simply give us a call and speak with one of our customer agents who will help you find the right solution.

Call us today at 888-434-3848, or contact us online, to find a vehicle fleet tracking solution that best fits your business.