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Track Your Truck Vehicle Tracking System Features

Track Your Truck offers an efficient, effective vehicle tracking system for managing your vehicle fleet. Experience better software features that make your business smarter. We provide innovative solutions for collecting real-time data that offer the analytics and reporting you need to unlock the full potential of your fleet. Systems are customizable to your requirements, simple to use and deliver a host of vehicle tracking and fleet management features that provide an edge on the competition.

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NetTrack Overview

Discover how NetTrack, our powerful vehicle tracking software, together with our certified GPS tracking devices, provides effective fleet management for your business.

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Fleet Management Software

Track Your Truck gives you the information you need — in real time — to take control of your fleet and improve your bottom line.

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The value of fleet tracking
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Fleet Management Features for Field Service Management Software

If you're looking for vehicle tracking systems and field service automation solutions capable of revolutionizing the way you monitor and manage your commercial vehicles, Track Your Truck has what you need. We make it possible to track everything from truck location and status to current routes and driver behavior. Just install our top-quality GPS devices to your vehicles, connect to our innovative software application for Apple or Android devices, and start tracking.

Our vehicle tracking system features an easy-to-use format, including an interactive map powered by Google web services. You benefit from a detailed truck status view where you can isolate and monitor all your vehicles. You're also able to click on individual trucks to see accurate information including precise location, speed, direction and more. The system stores between 125 days and one year's worth of vehicle history based on your parameters. It also lets you:

  • Review and recreate past routes using the map replay tool
  • Verify vehicle start and stop times to track daily activities
  • Confirm the time of delivery or arrival and time spent at the stop
  • Analyze statistics on mileage, idle and stop times, and other performance indicators

Learn more about what our NetTrack Software and GPS Fleet Management Software can do for your business.

Fleet Management and Field Service Automation Solutions

Track Your Truck is a simple, convenient and effective way to take better control of your fleet. Unique add-on functionality includes the ability to identify who is driving a vehicle during a shift, an ideal way for managers of more significant fleets to maintain organization and oversight. The Driver Behavior Functionality fleet management feature tracks braking, accelerating, speed and turning to provide actionable insights that improve safety, performance and efficiency.

Your custom vehicle tracking system features Google Routing & Directions for finding the closest vehicles to a destination and more accurately estimating arrivals. The system also helps determine the best possible routes to multiple destinations. Additional field service automation solutions include the ability to set and send notifications or directions by text or email. It also allows remote ignition shut off, and door lock-unlock functionality that guards against theft and ensures drivers can quickly regain access to cabs.

Fleet Tracking Data Integration

Whether you're looking for a standalone software solution or to boost the capabilities of your current system, we have you covered. Our NetTrack API lets you add our map to your website and also combines live data between our software and your own backend modification. We'll work with you to provide tailored fleet tracking data integration for a seamless system that increases the value of your vehicle investment.

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Find the fleet management features and field service automation solutions you need to eliminate unsafe driving, improve fuel efficiency and maximize the health and performance of your fleet. Give us a call at 888-434-3848 or contact us online to request a demo or free quote.

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