Why Monitor Hard Braking or Acceleration?

This article was published on: 07/16/20 by the Robert Hall

Fleet tracking has become a great asset to companies around the world. As technology develops, mobile businesses are finding new ways to increase efficiency, enhance performance and maximize safety from a distance.

Today’s GPS tracking solutions can do more than monitor location. They can also track a range of other factors, such as speed, acceleration and even hard braking.

While you might wonder why you need to monitor hard acceleration, hard braking or similar behaviors, using these tracking features could transform your business for the better.

How Are Hard Braking and Hard Acceleration Detected?

The advantage of fleet management solutions today is that many of them can offer real-time updates from almost any location. GPS tracking devices can provide alerts as often as every few minutes, allowing you to stay aware of all your vehicle’s comings and goings during business hours.

Hard acceleration and hard braking are detected with the help of accelerometers. Accelerometers are powerful sensors capable of capturing and reporting braking and acceleration data inside vehicles. Any time the sensor catches one of these incidents, you will receive an alert for your records.

The Benefits of Monitoring Hard Braking and Acceleration

Taking charge of a commercial fleet makes you partially responsible for both the safety of your workers and the safety of everyday citizens. There’s a certain level of risk that arises each time your drivers go out on the road, and it’s crucial to do everything you can to make them as confident and secure as possible.

That’s why having the ability to monitor the braking and acceleration of your drivers is so powerful. While there are times when hard braking may be unavoidable, a pattern of behavior could indicate that there’s a safety issue that you need to address. Using a fleet management solution to monitor for hard braking and acceleration habits can help you:

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  • Reduce accidents: Vehicle accidents can put lives at risk, and they’re a nightmare for insurance companies. By monitoring for reckless driving habits, you’ll be able to identify which drivers are being safe and which ones may need more training. This practice will protect your business, your workers and your reputation.
  • Lower fuel costs: Hard acceleration and braking can make vehicles burn through fuel more quickly. While it might seem minor at first, it can drive up your operational costs in the long run. Correcting these behaviors will help increase fuel efficiency and save money each month.
  • Increase vehicle longevity: Brakes and tires can only take so much before they start to wear out, so hard braking and acceleration will take a toll on your vehicles over time. Keep your maintenance schedule consistent by putting a stop to these harmful behaviors right away.

Monitor Driving Habits With Track Your Truck Solutions

With a comprehensive monitoring solution, you’ll save money and protect everyone in your fleet. Reach out for a quote from Track Your Truck today to learn more about why monitoring acceleration and hard braking is so essential.