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As you make plans to track your vehicles using fleet tracking technology, there are two basic options to consider: Passive tracking is more suited to equipment that rarely moves; while real-time tracking provides precise, up-to-the-minute tracking for items often in transit. If you need instant information about your vehicles, driver behavior and estimated arrival times, the perks of real-time tracking are worth considering.

Know Where Your Vehicles Are at All Times

When using real-time vehicle tracking, you benefit from accurate, instant information about vehicle locations. This allows you to know immediately when your drivers have arrived at a location. You can also accurately answer when a customer calls to ask where a driver or delivery is.

Stop Dangerous or Inefficient Behavior as It Occurs

Driver behavior has the power to make or break your business, as drivers are the ones in the field, interacting with the public and using the fuel you buy. Real-time vehicle tracking alerts give you more power to immediately address driver behavior.

With real-time alerts, you can pick up the phone and call the driver to ask about a high rate of speed, or send a driver a text if you notice excessive idling time, reminding him to shut off the engine. It also means you can instantly stop after-hours usage, rather than waiting for an alert at a later date.

Improve Company Efficiency

The power of real-time tracking software is that alerts and locations are delivered as they happen. This ensures accuracy at all times, and that in turn improves the efficiency of your business. Stop your drivers from wasting fuel, improve the accuracy of information passed to customers, and monitor vehicle locations for security purposes. Because of these perks, real-time tracking deserves a second look as you choose a tracking system for your company.

Track Your Truck's Comprehensive GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems Improve Your Fleet Management Efforts

If you are looking for GPS fleet management help, Track Your Truck has the solutions. We offer a number of real-time tracking options scaled to fit the needs of fleets of all sizes. Our systems help with routing, so you can reduce wasted time and fuel by dispatching the closest vehicle, every time. We offer real-time alerts, map relay and truck activity reporting to streamline fleet management efforts. Our systems are fully mobile compatible using NetTrack Mobile for both Android and Apple — so you can take tracking efforts into the field.

If you are ready to benefit from real-time tracking of your fleet vehicles, contact us. We offer better service and more accurate devices with a number of options to tailor our services to your specific needs. Call Track Your Truck today to begin building a system that will help track your vehicles using the power of real-time tracking.

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