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How Fleet Monitoring Technology Makes For A Greener Fleet

A fleet truck driving down a green tree surrounded road

Looking for ways to go greener in your business? Your fleet is a great place to start, but don’t assume that creating a greener fleet is beyond your budget. While switching to all electric or hybrid vehicles may not be feasible for every company, there is one green upgrade that’s both affordable and practical for any fleet: installing fleet management software to track performance and save both money and fuel.

How Fleet Management Software Helps Your Fleet Go Green

From recycling trucks to service delivery vehicles to any kind of car, bus or truck fleet, investing in fleet management software is a sustainable choice for many reasons. Here are some ways fleet tracking systems can help you protect the environment and uphold your corporate reputation while you improve your bottom line.

  • Save fuel with advanced mapping capabilities. How much would you save by reducing your fuel consumption by 2 percent, 5 percent or even 8 percent every month? Fleet monitoring software allows you to easily optimize your driver routes, saving both fuel and driving time — even on the fly in real time. Not only will you cut fuel costs, but your customers will also appreciate the improved accuracy in tracking and scheduling. Track Your Truck’s fleet monitoring solutions use Google’s Enterprise Edition Maps for the most advanced and reliable mapping capabilities available.
  • Encourage more sustainable driving habits. Driver behaviors such as idling, speeding and fast starts and stops are one of the biggest ways fleets waste fuel. They can cost a company thousands of dollars per vehicle each year — not to mention the increased maintenance and shortened vehicle life in which these habits result. With fleet management software, you can monitor every vehicle 24/7 and make sure your drivers are following vehicle operation best practices. It can also help you eliminate unauthorized vehicle use. With our covert tracking capabilities, you can even monitor your vehicle use without alerting your employees and drivers.
  • Improve vehicle performance and life expectancy. Fleet management software allows you unprecedented vehicle monitoring capabilities so you can ensure continuous optimal performance of every vehicle, reducing maintenance and fuel costs, and extending vehicle life. You will know immediately if a vehicle is not performing to expectations, therefore you can fix the issue right away and keep costly wear and tear to a minimum. By comparing reports on specific vehicles, you can easily identify which vehicles are performing best to help you make wise and sustainable choices when it’s time to cull vehicles or add to your fleet.
  • Plan ahead for a greener future. Our fleet monitoring technology gives you the predictive analysis capabilities you need to identify problems before they arise — and proactively address them before they happen. By analyzing reporting data and taking note of vehicle use and fuel consumption patterns, you can find ways to constantly improve your sustainability — as well as your cost savings — into the future.

GPS fleet tracking is an effective, affordable way for any fleet manager to significantly reduce the environmental impact of your company vehicles right away. If you would like to learn more about how our fleet management software can help your company save the environment while lowering your vehicle maintenance and fuel costs, call us today at 855-505-5468 — or request a quote here.

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