Fleet Tracking With Dash Cameras, Questions and Answers

This article was published on: 01/14/21 by the Robert Hall

More fleet managers are implementing fleet tracking solutions with dash cameras as dash camera fleet tracking can greatly increase safety and efficiency for mobile employees. This dash camera FAQ list will provide all the answers you need to make an informed decision about fleet tracking for your business.

What Capabilities Do Dashcams Offer?

Because the dash camera is a tracking device, it records all the data and video you need to obtain a complete picture of your drivers’ behavior during business hours. You can use it to track locations, driver habits and incidents. 

Many dashcams can even capture information while the vehicle is turned off. This can be a convenient option if you’re working with expensive assets or cargo.

How Does Dash Camera Fleet Tracking Improve Driver Accountability?

With dash camera fleet tracking, you can hold drivers more accountable for their actions. For example, you can identify which drivers are engaging in risky behaviors and provide the necessary discipline or training methods. 

Dash cameras may also help determine who was at fault during an accident so you can protect against wrongful liabilities and lawsuits. Monitoring makes it much easier to settle disputes and confirm the validity of claims.

How Do Dash Cameras Improve Fleet Security?

If you need a solution that protects against theft, fleet tracking with dash cameras can help. Dealing with theft is expensive, and dash cameras offer the ideal protection against these costs.

Location data and video from the dashcam allow you to identify suspicious behavior and take the appropriate actions right away. This increases your chances of recovering stolen or lost assets more quickly, which saves both time and money.

How Do I Install a Dashcam?

While some dash cameras require a professional installer’s assistance, others just take a few moments to install and integrate with your systems. 

Our devices are set up and ready to go as soon as we deliver them, so all you need to do is secure them in your vehicles and start tracking. It’s easy to stick these cameras on your windshield and integrate their capabilities with our NetTracking solutions.

Is a Dash Camera an Invasion of Privacy?

While there are plenty of misconceptions about the idea of camera tracking in vehicles, it can be a great asset if used properly. In the long run, it can even foster a more positive work experience for your drivers.

It’s important to make your employees aware that when you install dashcams, you’re doing it for financial and safety reasons. It’s not an invasion of privacy as long as you communicate with your employees and use the cameras as intended. Most drivers will likely agree that the safety and efficiency benefits are worth it.

How Do I View Data From a Dashcam?

Dash camera tracking devices come with advanced software that allows you to receive alerts and view captured data at any time. You can see everything right from the dashboard or program on your computer. 

This easy access improves your management capabilities and empowers you to respond more quickly when issues pop up. It also makes it easier to organize and manage important information.

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After reading some of the most common dash camera questions and answers above, you can better decide whether dash camera fleet tracking is the right solution for your business. For more details, contact us to request a quote.