Enhance Ambulance Fleets with EMS GPS Tracking

This article was published on: 05/1/20 by the Robert Hall

Operating an EMS fleet is a major responsibility. First responders have to be able to reach their patients quickly and safely despite the unknown variables on the road. As a result, many EMS workers operating today turn to ambulance fleet tracking solutions for help. EMS fleet tracking helps the emergency response process run more smoothly so your team can save more lives every day.

Improved Vehicle Safety

Ambulance drivers are trained to operate so they can reach the scene of the emergency as quickly as possible. However, even though speed is critical, you want to know your drivers are being safe as well. With EMS GPS tracking, you can keep a close eye on driver habits to make sure every employee is following the proper protocols. 

For example, tracking allows you to monitor factors like excessive speeding, acceleration rates and hard braking. These will give you a clear idea of which drivers you can trust and which need behavioral adjustments.

Quick Data Updates

During emergencies, there are times when you need access to urgent information right away. Live fleet tracking solutions offer real-time data updates so you can make adjustments without wasting time or resources.

Tracking for EMS companies even gives you the ability to monitor and receive updates from multiple vehicles at one time. This data availability increases process efficiency and helps you reduce the risk of delays.

Faster Services

You can use GPS trackers for ambulance vehicles to plan better routes and prevent unexpected issues caused by traffic delays. Tracking also improves communication by allowing you to dispatch drivers from specific locations and provide quick, accurate information. These convenient advantages can lead to better response times and more efficient services from your drivers.

Better Maintenance Scheduling

Your emergency vehicles are some of the most important assets owned by your company. Without the support of reliable vehicles, how can you hope to protect the people in your community? Poorly maintained machines tend to be less fuel-efficient and more prone to breakdowns, which can cut into your productivity and even compromise road safety.

With EMS GPS tracking, you can set up alerts that help you keep track of maintenance schedules and vehicle conditions. In the long run, you’ll reduce vehicle wear and tear, increasing longevity and cutting back on downtime for repairs.

Increased Accountability

In the days before fleet tracking, it was much more challenging for fleet managers to monitor hours and services. Today, it’s as simple as checking the data and maps on your computer.

GPS trackers make it easier to pull up specific information and prove or disprove driver accountability. This capability improves payments, protects employees in legal disputes and enhances data organization.

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Your emergency patients deserve the best possible care, and your workers deserve to feel safe and confident as they deliver it. At Track Your Truck, we provide ambulance fleet tracking solutions with a variety of smart, intuitive features that will integrate seamlessly with your fleet management strategy. Contact us today to request a quote or learn more about the types of EMS tracking we offer. 

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