The Advantages Of Using GPS Tracking Devices For Recreational Vehicle Rentals

This article was published on: 09/17/18 by the Robert Hall

When managing a recreational vehicle rental service, your equipment is your greatest asset. Yet in this catch-22, every time you rent an RV, you risk losing your biggest investment. To protect your assets, consider the benefits of GPS tracking systems for RVs. Start with these four major benefits of GPS tracking for your business and your customers.

Protect Your Equipment

On your recreational vehicle rental lot, you have millions of dollars of assets ready to roll out of the parking lot. This is where GPS tracking systems give you peace of mind that your rentals will be secure 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Even on holidays when your office managers and security staff are away, your rental equipment is under a watchful eye. GPS tracking does not take a day off or require someone to man the proverbial cameras like with traditional security systems.

For business managers who do not use GPS tracking, there is the constant fear that these high-priced vehicles will be hot-wired and driven off the lot. A single $1 million motorhome stolen from your business will drive up your business insurance premiums and increase your operational risks. Increased risks can hamper your ability to grow as a business, especially when looking to expand with partners.

This ability to protect your equipment extends to the highways and byways. When renting equipment to customers, you can rest assured that your equipment will find its way back home safely and securely. GPS tracking gives you the ability to monitor your equipment, whether you are renting motorhomes, four-wheelers or ATVs.

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Increase Customer Confidence

Potential customers do not want to hear that your business is the target of recreational vehicle thefts or vandalism. This puts a stain on your brand. Customers want to know that they are renting RVs that have not been associated with a criminal history. More importantly, consumers want to associate with RV rental businesses that offer the utmost in security.

This security extends from your customers’ financial information to the equipment that they rent from your company. If your business is at risk for theft, installing RV GPS tracking systems will put a stop to this calculated concern. After all, when thieves can easily enter your lot to steal equipment, they are in a prime position to rob you of other assets. When your customers have increased confidence in the security of your business, they are far more likely to return for their next RV rental.

Improve Customer Behavior

An unexpected benefit of fleet tracking systems is the improvement of your customers’ driving behavior. GPS tracking monitors driver behavior. You can see how fast your renters are driving and how aggressively they operate the vehicle. You are also able to monitor your vehicles in case RVs are not returned by the rental deadline.

Interestingly, when RV renters choose rental vehicles that feature GPS tracking, they are more likely to control their driving behavior. For instance, most people will avoid speeding or driving erratically when they know they are being watched — or in this case, GPS tracked. Driving at a consistent speed means less wasted fuel and wear and tear on your equipment. This helps extend the life span on your recreational vehicles for rent, giving you greater cost savings for your business.

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Improve Your Bottom Line

By renting RV GPS tracking equipment from a reputable provider, you save your company the overall cost of purchasing this equipment outright. That is only the start of the savings. Take a look at the estimated monthly cost of $20 for vehicle tracking equipment for your business. Compare that to the cost of a single recreational vehicle, such as a Class A motorhome costing upward to $100,000. In this way, insuring your recreational vehicle rentals using GPS tracking makes financial sense.

With the right type of GPS tracking in place, you can improve security, customer confidence and your bottom line as an RV rental business. All of this equates to positive growth for your RV rental operations.